Just a Little Prick – The Bill Gates Story (Part One)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Bill Gates is often described as a philanthropist.

Interviewers generally seem to treat him as a cross between a saint and a prophet. In a way this isn’t difficult to explain. After all, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a partner with many media companies, tossing money around with remarkable generosity. In the UK, the BBC and The Guardian are just two of the recipients of Gates largesse.

It would, of course, have been possible for Gates to have used his vast wealth to change poor countries in a very straightforward and positive way by, for example, using his billions to help with road building programmes or to help poor farmers to improve their land and their farms by digging wells. Using $10 billion to set up water supplies would have doubtless saved many lives in a simple, honest way. But you can’t control the world quite as easily simply by doing practical, honest things which save lives. And Gates seems to me keen to take control of every aspect of our lives. To me he seems to be a strange hybrid of those mad fictional characters Dr Strangelove and Ernst Stavro Blofeld – the James Bond baddie.

I’m afraid I don’t believe any of Gates’ projects have anything much to do with philanthropy. There is too much intermixing of donations and business. What do the Gates family really want? I cannot help thinking it’s more about power and unspoken plans.

Gates got rich through the Microsoft software company, allegedly because his mum knew the chairman of IBM and got Gates his big break. There are accusations that Gates stole some of the ideas for his business. Personally, I feel that Gates has made himself obscenely rich by making the world a far more stressful and annoying place than it was before Microsoft appeared. In my experience, there were other much easier to use word processing programmes but Gates steamrollered the opposition out of the way with ruthless efficiency. Gates' original partner, Paul Allen, claimed that Gates tried to screw him and charged his partner, with mercenary opportunism. Before Gates arrived on the scene, people who wrote software often gave it away free. Gates took over the world of personal computing, acquired a monopoly position and took full advantage of it to make himself very rich. Additionally, there have for some time been doubts in my mind about how close Microsoft is to the National Security Agency in the USA.

The Microsoft billionaire seems to have learned his hometown boy act from veteran investor Warren Buffett who didn’t get to be rich by being a hometown boy but has a good line in simple charm. Gates has described himself as a health expert. He frequently offers advice and predictions about health matters though personally I’d have thought his only area of expertise with viruses involved those usually found in computers. He has stated that the world will not return to normal after the coronavirus until all or most of the world’s population has been vaccinated. Because he has a lot of money, and tends to distribute it widely, politicians and bureaucrats and scientists listen to his advice and accept what he tells them – parroting his line about vaccination with great loyalty.

It would, I think, normally be unusual for a bloke with no formal medical training to give health advice to the world but Gates has managed to buy himself a seat at the table by giving huge sums of money to organisations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organisation – in my own view now two of the most evil organisations in the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is said to be the second largest contributor to the WHO and If the United States really does stop its donations then Gates will be the biggest contributor. That sort of money buys a lot of access and, I think, an unhealthy amount of influence – especially when you also spend a good deal of money on publicity designed to show the world what a good egg you are. Gates is also linked to the World Economic Forum, which reckons that the coronavirus is a great excuse to change the world and which has a plan called The Great Reset which, like most of these plans which have emerged since the coronavirus, seems to me to have been prepared some time before the arrival of covid 19.

Gates, of course, also gives a good deal of money to Imperial College in London – the place where Neil Ferguson works. It was, of course, Ferguson whose rubbishy forecasts about the coronavirus resulted in the lockdowns, the social distancing, the ruin of the British and American economies, untold deaths in care homes and so on. Gates has also funded work done by Dr Chris Whitty, the UK’s current Chief Medical Officer. And the Gates Foundation has even given money to Public Health England – a UK Government organisation, sponsored by the Department of Health, which allegedly exists to protect and improve the nation’s health. Public Health England appears to be desperately keen on vaccinations which is a big surprise, of course. One of their documents carries the slogan Keep Calm and Carry on Vaccinating – which seems a little cheesy to say the least.

Before I go any further it is important to point out, and bear in mind, that Gates believes the planet is overpopulated. He thinks this is a real problem. Is it still a secret passion? Who knows? Interviewers, who often seem to come from organisations with financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation rarely ask searching question about difficult issues.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is an odd organisation in that as well as having philanthropic aims it also invests in a good many companies designed to make a profit. Indeed, the Foundation seems to be doing very well and seems to me to operate as much like a family investment trust as a charity.

The Gates Foundation has a mass of interlinked projects and commercial holdings. And it seems to an outsider as though he is more interested in controlling the world than in helping people.

Here are just a few of the things Gates is currently doing with his money.

First, of course, there are the vaccines. I have already dealt with some of the controversies associated with the Gates’s obsession with vaccines in previous videos.

Gates seems obsessed with vaccines and now seems to favour ones using very new technology. He is terrifyingly keen on giving his experimental vaccine to billions of people – ideally to the whole population of the planet. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that even relatively safe vaccines have been known to cause many thousands of deaths, might enhance susceptibility to disease or indeed cause and spread infections. If it has occurred to him it doesn’t seem to be something that worries him unduly.

On the surface Gates seems to see vaccination as the answer to most of the planet’s health problems and sees them only doing good and incapable of doing very much harm. `We’re not going to return to normal until most people have been vaccinated,’ he has said, after warning that the coronavirus would otherwise result in millions of deaths. `You will never be free until we have a vaccine,’ seems to be the mantra. Naturally, the politicians and the scientists agree with the man with the money even though experts seem to agree that a vaccine may never be found. If no vaccine is found then much of the world will remain in a state of terror and social distancing and masks and occasional lockdowns will become a normal part of life. Is that what Gates wants? The politicians and the big business people with a yearning for control will be delighted.

Moreover, Gates seems to have decided that we won’t have a vaccine for 18 months – and, naturally, the world’s politicians and scientists (many of whom are on the Gates payroll) agree with the world’s least qualified but most powerful `doctor’. So it seems that the artificial lockdowns and the unnecessary social distancing and masks will remain in place.

Incidentally, I usually avoid the words vaccine and vaccination because they tend to result in censorship. On this occasion, however, it seems impossible to do so.

Since Gates is convinced that the planet is overpopulated it seems odd that he would be keen on vaccinating huge swathes of Africa. You might think that vaccinating children would mean that there would be fewer deaths and that the population would go up. But Gates argues that if you vaccinate children and they don’t die then mothers will have fewer babies and instead of having eight babies in the hope that two will live they will just have three, believing that the vaccines will keep them alive. I am not at all sure how this means that vaccination will result in a fall in the population but Gates says it will and the politicians and the scientists and the journalists all nod wisely, pat their wallets and agree with him. I haven’t been able to find any real, solid evidence for this claim, which seems to me to be a combination of the bizarre, and the unbelievable, laced with wishful thinking, apart from the evidence from Gates himself. I don’t like to point this out but religion seems to play a part in the number of children a woman has. In the UK, for example, the figures show that Muslims tend to have an average of three children per family whereas Christians usually have only two.

There are, of course, those who are concerned that Gates’s mass vaccination programme is part of his plan to reduce the world’s population to 500 million or so – a figure that many who are keen on population control regard as acceptable. Personally I cannot see the difference between an untested vaccine, used globally, and genocide. But then I’m perhaps a little old fashioned in liking to see drugs and vaccines properly tested before being rolled out to large populations.

And although interviewers rarely seem to mention it there are some very worrying stories circulating about some of the vaccination programmes promoted by Gates and/or the WHO. These are not, however, worries that get aired in those parts of the media supported by grants and partnerships from the Gates Foundation. I allow absolutely no advertising or sponsorship on my videos or website. But great chunks of the media, popular and specialist, seem to enjoy close, financial links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and it is important to remember this. I have no doubt that many websites are also given money or support by the Foundation.

I will deal with Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccines in the second part of this two part series entitled Just a Little Prick.

But there are many other topics which must first be mentioned.

First, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in a company called Monsanto.

I have always regarded Monsanto as the most evil company on the planet and I’ve thought of it this way for several reasons.

First, Monsanto has long been a leader in the development of genetically modified plants. These terrify me because as far as I have been able to find out they have never been properly tested to see what long term consequences there might be. What damage could there be to crops in a few years’ time? Could they become more susceptible to disease? And are there any risks to the people who eat genetically modified food? For some years now, Monsanto has taken to patenting its seeds and as a result small farmers who have traditionally grown their crops from their own seeds have found that they have been unable to do so. There are said to have been many thousands of suicides as a result of this – as farmers found that they weren’t allowed to grow the seed they had saved from their own crops but had to buy seed they couldn’t afford to buy. I have reported on this many times in the past.

And, of course, Monsanto is the manufacturer of Roundup – a doubtless effective but equally doubtless nasty weed killer. Unfortunately, there have been a number of claims that Roundup causes cancer and there were 125,000 lawsuits as a result. The German company Bayer bought Monsanto a little while ago. Bayer is alleged to have paid $63 billion for Monsanto and to have paid $10.9 billion to settle the claims relating to Roundup.

Bayer, now the new owner of Monsanto, has an interesting history which is worth a short detour while we’re here. Think of this as our equivalent of a side trip to Barnard Castle.

In 1925 a group of important German companies, which included Bayer, formed a cartel called IG Farben. Their aim was to obtain control of global markets in key industrial sectors – specifically: chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. History shows quite clearly that it was the formation of this cartel, and the creation of IG Farben, which led directly to the Second World War (and all its associated atrocities) and ultimately the European Union. IG Farben’s need for cheap labour was so great that the company built a huge factory at Auchswitz where there was a large reservoir of slave labour. Bayer, the company’s pharmaceutical division tested its drugs on prisoners. IG Farben also made huge amounts of money by providing the gas for the killing of prisoners in concentration camps throughout Germany.

At the end of the Second World War IG Farben was broken up into four new companies, one of which was Bayer, and all of Farben’s assets (including the profits from manufacturing the gas used in the infamous gas chambers) were transferred to the new companies – all of which were managed and run by the people who had run IG Farben.

So, the bottom line was that although IG Farben had been run by war criminals no one was really punished and things carried on much as they had done during the war. The only thing that changed was that a good deal of company notepaper had to be redesigned and freshly printed.

The new companies denied any responsibilities for the actions of IG Farben on the basis that they were new and had not existed during the war. This disgraceful self-serving legal move was accepted without a murmur of protest. Bayer, which had been a part of IG Farben, had used concentration camp victims for its experiments and for testing new drugs but the company was allowed to keep all the profits from these experiments.

By the mid-1960s Bayer had become ever richer and more powerful.

And there seemed to be no shame about the past. Bayer actually set up a foundation to honour a Nazi called Fritz ter Meer on his 80th birthday and started the foundation off with a donation of two million deutschmarks. (It was not until 20 years later that Bayer changed the name of the foundation.) It did not seem to bother anyone that Herr ter Meer had overseen the building of IG Auschwitz and had been found guilty of war crimes (including genocide) and sentenced to just seven years imprisonment in 1948. Naturally, he did not serve the full sentence. Fritz ter Meer, one of the most evil Nazis, was released in 1950 and immediately re-joined the board of Bayer.

That’s the end of the detour.

Will Bayer be making a coronavirus vaccine or treatment? Who knows. Would you want it if they did?

The bottom line is that I cannot imagine why anyone who really cares for people and the planet would put any money into Monsanto or Bayer.

Many investors try to avoid what they think of as `dirty’ companies who do or have done bad things to people or the environment but this doesn’t seem to bother Gates.

Oddly enough I haven’t been able to find any evidence that interviewers from the Guardian or the BBC have asked Gates whether he is comfortable with his investment in a company widely regarded as rather worse than wicked. Have I mentioned, by the way, that both the BBC and The Guardian are partners with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – by that I mean that they have received money from the Foundation. That is, of course, the sanctimonious Guardian newspaper which was founded with the aid of money from slavery.

Next, Gates has been funding scientists at Harvard who are trying to block out the sun’s rays in an attempt to stop global warming.

If you haven’t heard of this before just stop and think for a moment.

The scientists want to spray millions of tons of dust into the stratosphere to stop the sun’s rays reaching the earth.

One plan is that every day more than 800 large aircraft would lift millions of tons of chalk dust to a height of 12 miles above the Earth and then sprinkle the dust to stop the sun’s rays getting through. Another plan is to send up hot air balloons to release powder into the atmosphere.

There are, you won’t be surprised to hear, a couple of problems with this.

Obviously, the first is that no one has yet proved that global warming is taking place and is anything more than a natural phenomenon. Moreover, there are a lot of scientists who believe that we are heading into a phase where the planet is actually cooling. Is it really a coincidence that the Americans and the Chinese are busy building ice breakers? Would they do that if they thought the ice was all melting because the earth was getting hotter?

And there are those who think that the Gates money and the scientists throwing powder into the sky could help create droughts, hurricanes and mass deaths. It seems fairly well agreed that altering the atmosphere to cool the planet could have unpredictable effects. In 1815 a volcanic eruption created crop shortages and disease outbreaks.

Some might say, of course, that all this could be considered a bonus by a man who wants to reduce the world population.

No one seems to have told him, by the way, that 800 large aircraft taking off every day and flying to 12 miles up, would require a good deal of aviation fuel. And what sort of dust are they planning to have sprayed? Well, some say calcium. But I have also heard talk that barium, alumina and strontium might be used. Whatever it is won’t improve the quality of the air we breathe. Bottom line is that this seems to me to be a way to reduce the world’s population rather than protect it – all in the guise of dealing with the climate change hoax.

Next, Gates is funding scientists at a company called Oxitec who are genetically modifying mosquitoes. This project has received authority in the US and the genetically modified mosquitoes will be released in 2022. What could go wrong? I have no idea. I don’t think anyone else does either. But I can think of a number of good reasons why this is breathtakingly dangerous. There is even talk of research into mosquito delivered vaccines.

Gates is also helping to pay for researchers who are making breast milk from cultured mammary cells. This seems to me to be the ultimate in hubris. Why does Gates always want to interfere with nature? The female body produces the perfect breast milk. There is no need for substitutes. I remember that when attempts were made to introduce powdered milk into developing countries it was a disaster. Women were told to stop natural breast feeding and to follow the example set by Western women – and to use artificial milk. One problem was that the water used to rehydrate the milk was often badly polluted. And many babies died. If Gates wants to help women and babies he would surely do better to encourage natural breast feeding.

You will by now see a pattern developing. Gates seems to me to be a mad scientist manqué . He seems to have massive faith in the idea that scientists can solve everything by interfering with nature – often using global warming as an excuse for his plans. His attitude seems to be that he knows much better than God how things should work and so he is going to use his money to pay for the improvements he thinks we need.

Next, Gates is funding the developing of fake meat. This will be very handy when his other projects such as blocking the sunshine destroys traditional farming. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds the Cornell Alliance for Science which supports the agrichemical industry. All this takes the power from small farmers and gives it to big chemical companies, in my opinion. If Gates’s projects damage natural farming then his foundation’s investments in laboratory food and artificial breast milk will doubtless prove to be extremely profitable.

Gates, through his Foundation, has also invested in microchipped biomedical, track and trace and payment transaction systems such as cryptocurrencies. He seems to prefer digital payment systems to old fashioned cash and appears to be enthusiastic about ID systems and health passports, which he describes as being good for keeping an eye on people, making sure that they pay their taxes and have their Gates approved vaccinations.

And I think it is fair to say that he is probably rather more enthusiastic about transhumanism than I am.

And then there is the organisation known as ID2020 which is believed by some to show more than modest enthusiasm for mandatory vaccination programmes and mandatory track and tracing programmes. Since 2016 ID 2020 has promoted digital ID. The promoters or partners are Microsoft, the company which made Gates rich and GAVI, the alliance which links drug companies and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – among others. One of the Gates Foundation’s aims is, of course, investing in vaccine development and surveillance.

`It’s exciting,’ they say, `to imagine a world where safe and secure digital identities are possible, providing everyone with an essential building block to every right and opportunity they deserve.’

If I trusted Bill Gates I might be a trifle more enthusiastic. But I’d rather ask Donald Trump to hold my wallet than ask Bill Gates to hold my identity.

Gates and or his Foundation or Microsoft have also invested in Onfido which is preparing technology to develop a phone app to scan faces so that people can work or travel.

And I doubt if Gates would object to the suggestion that we all have medical certificates vaccinated into our bodies to prove that we have had the Covid 19 vaccination.

What else is there?

Well, there is the Pirbright Institute, where they study infectious diseases affecting farm animals. The Pirbright Institute is one of those curious hybrid organisations which is government funded but also a charity and, as you have probably guessed, its major stake holders include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I was a little surprised to find Gates supporting an institute researching farm animals until I discovered that the Pirbright Institute had taken out a patent on a coronavirus with the European Patent Office. Big companies do that a lot these days and it seems institutes do, too. I wonder why anyone would want a patent on the coronavirus – though, of course, the patent might be useful for a vaccine.

And there is something called CEPI – which is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. This was launched in Davos in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India, the Wellcome Trust, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It has been given large chunks of taxpayer money from Germany, Australia and the UK.

One of CEPI’s goals is the development of platforms which can be used for rapid vaccine development against unknown pathogens. One of the board voting members is someone from the vaccine business unit at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and the scientific advisory committee includes someone from Pfizer, of course. And CEPI and Glaxo Smith Kline have announced a collaboration, which is nice. And CEPI works in partnership with Imperial College, which is where Ferguson works and where work is being done on vaccines. You will remember Ferguson. It was his outrageously wrong prediction which led to the lockdowns and the social distancing and the desperate call for a vaccine to end all our misery. Oh and CEPI also works with GAVI which we will come to in part two of `Just a Little Prick’. GAVI has announced its enthusiasm for identifying and registering children around the world.

Just how Gates, the world’s leading expert on health, keeps up with all these organisations is beyond me. I wouldn’t know whether I was at a CEPI meeting or a GAVI meeting or simply in the counting house counting out my money. But I expect our wonderful billionaire has lots of help. And there is always Mrs Gates, of course.

Gates, through his Foundation, has bought support and influence everywhere but he has, in my view, left a trail of damage and concern.

And all that brings us back to the vaccines, of course. No story about Gates would be complete without details of the vaccines – past and future.

I will deal further with Mr and Mrs Gates’ obsession with vaccines in the next part of this two part series. It’s an obsession which seems to me to be distinctly unhealthy though perhaps not for Bill and Melinda. I don’t think it is too healthy for people in developing countries and it is probably not going to be healthy for those of us in developed countries either.

When asked when we would get back to normal after the coronavirus hoax, Gates said `when almost every person on the planet has been vaccinated against coronavirus’. He has colourfully described the vaccine for Covid 19 as the final solution. Inconveniently, many experts say that it may not be possible to make a vaccine. Some point out that making a vaccine often takes many years. And I am not the only doctor to worry that if a vaccine is made very quickly, with inadequate testing, then the global consequences could be absolutely catastrophic. Injecting 7 billion people with an experimental vaccine sounds to me like a potential recipe for a disaster previously unknown on the planet. In his less bombastic moments Gates realises this and has, therefore, insisted that there be indemnification for those making and distributing vaccines. In other words: if the vaccine kills you or destroys your brain then you’re on your own. Don’t expect any compensation. In the US, manufacturers and distributors have had immunity from February 2020. I’m not sure whether the immunity will cover doctors and nurses so that’s something they might like to worry about. Patients should see my video entitled `Advice for anyone not wanting to be stuffed’. Or read the transcript on this website.

Part Two of this series gets even more extraordinary. And watch it soon just in case it gets removed and mysteriously disappears.

You Tube has announced that it will remove any video deemed to be in contravention of advice being given by the WHO (that must be tricky, given the WHO’s ability to change its mind but there you go).

And one of the biggest providers of money for the WHO is, of course, what’s its name, oh yes, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Still, if that happens you can always read the transcript on my website www.vernoncoleman.com – as long as that remains in place.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 3rd 2020

Vernon Coleman’s book on vaccines and vaccination is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. The title is: Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. Here’s the proof.