How I made it OK for Men to Cry

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Here’s an example of just how newspapers can affect our lives in what seem to be small ways – but which are actually life changing.

Many years ago, I worked for The Sun newspaper as The Sun doctor. I wrote articles almost every day for a decade. (It seemed longer.)

I remember once receiving a phone call asking me to write a piece about a footballer called Gazza who had broken down in tears after a football match in which he had been a participant.

The editor suggested I write a piece criticising the footballer for crying in public.

But I suggested doing exactly the opposite.

And so I wrote an article pointing out that it was good for men to cry. I explained that crying helps both the body and the mind.

The story (accompanied by a photo of the weeping footballer) made the front page of what was then the biggest selling newspaper in the Western world.

And, in a small way, it changed the world.

It made it possible for men to cry in public.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018