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Diary of a Disgruntled Man

Diary of a Disgruntled Man is a sometimes painfully sad, always honest account of one year in my life.
     It's an autobiography, a social commentary on life in the 21st century, a commonplace book and a guide book explaining how one man constantly fights to survive in a world where he invariably feels like a stranger. It's a book about publishing and about staying alive in the 21st century. It's a book full of opinions (some of which doubtless mature into rants). I hope that some people will find it amusing. Others may find it comforting. And a few may, I hope, find it offers inspiration. It's an account of what happens in a world where genuinely threatening iconoclastic writing results in genuinely effective bans.
     Many diarists, like many travel writers, go out of their way to create incidents and excitement. I have had no need to do that. The incidents and excitements seem to queue up at my door each morning, waiting to pounce. 'Let's go round to Vernon Coleman's,' they say to one another. 'We can always have some fun there.'
      This book has taken more out of me than anything else I've ever written. Maybe that's because I've put more into it. - Vernon Coleman

What the readers say about Diary of a Disgruntled Man:

Wonderful stuff - S.R.C, Budleigh

`A masterpiece' - A.C.K, Middlesex

`I am reading it with excitement and affection. I admire your courage and tenacity an desire to write truthfully which you do. Your good humour and honesty cast a ray of light.' - A.D, Surrey

`I think you are the only honest writer in the country.' - A.M., Belfast

`I am enjoying your latest book very much, There are parts which have even made me laugh out loud, something which rarely happens to me.' - R.H. by e-mail

`Fantastic! Why don't you publish a diary every year?'- S.J. by e-mail

`Thank you for the excellent work you do for patients, humans and animals.' - M.R. by e-mail

`Thoroughly enjoyed it. Made me laugh, smile and get angry.' M.M. - by e-mail

`Brilliant. Most entertaining/interesting thing I've read in a very long time. Kept having pangs of writer's envy eg `There must be some sort of meal you can make with custard and olives.' I hope you sell a million copies. I shall treasure mine.' - M.B. by e-mail

`You are responsible for the bags starting to appear under my eyes. I am sitting up for later than usual because I find your book riveting.' - S.R.C., Devon

`Your Diary of a Disgruntled Man has helped to keep me going through a difficult time.' - H.M., Lincoln

`Excellent' - A.G. East Sussex

`Absolutely priceless.' - S.C.

`Brilliant. Having read several of your other books I never cease to wonder how you do it.' - K.E.,London

`Just finished reading your book Diary of a Disgruntled Man Bravo! If your books get any better, I'm going to have to stop reading them. It was a work of inspired inspiration. And if any author needs to know how to get a reader turning pages and keep turning them - well, the answer is blindingly simple, buy a Vernon Coleman book. Better still, buy several. I salute you for having the temerity to actually publish a personal diary. I enjoyed every single page and every single revelation - and every twist and turn of a year in the life of a brave man. It was a joy to read.' - R.J.H, Dorset

`Have just received, and read at almost one go, your new book Diary of a Disgruntled Man. I agree almost totally with your disgruntlements.' - M.F., Essex

`I am enjoying reading it and missed my tea doing so. Many thanks for your book, it has made my weekend and onwards.' - M.M., N.Ireland

`The bright white good quality paper, clear print, ribbon page mark and gold decorated spine make the book a pleasure to read. The contents: irascible, trenchant, curmudgeonly but right and often downright funny. I laugh aloud in recognition of the idiocies of bureaucracy and hateful EU values. I need two more copies please.' - H.L, Wales

`Just finished the Diary. Sad, frightening, utterly engrossing, lightened by the funny bits. And now my poor old diaphragm has got RSI.' - A.P.H., England

`Fascinating, hilarious and I commend you in holding your temper with all those brain dead bureaucratic morons you had to deal with.' - D.A., Glasgow

`Please send another copy of your wonderful Diary of a Disgruntled Man. Got half way through and left it on a sun bed in Abu Dhabi to go for lunch. Someone `borrowed' it. Can't wait to read the last half; can't believe I've found somebody even more disgruntled than I am. Please keep it up.' - K.J., Wigan

`I can't put your diary down. I hope it will be a success for you.' - M.M., Northern Ireland

`One fellow I admire more than words can tell is Dr Vernon Coleman. In a most delightful book - well worth purchasing for oneself, or as a present for another - is the Diary of a Disgruntled Man. It lives up to its title in every way, and is truly hilarious as well as being a wonderful exposure of everyday affairs, including the contaminating corruption from Brussels, the legalised drug `mafia' and a host of other things.' - J.T., Wales

England's Glory (written with Donna Antoinette Coleman)
- Celebrating England and the English.

`Donna Antoinette Coleman's poem at the start of England's Glory should replace the words in the National Anthem. England belongs to the English, not just the Queen. England's Glory is packed with fascinating and absorbing facts.' – D. S., Somerset

100 Greatest English Men and Women
- Biographies of Vernon Coleman's Selected 100 Great English Heroes and Heroines.

`Brilliant...enjoyable...fascinating...stirring...moving...brought tears to my eyes. Even though I consider myself to be Real English and proud of it, I am ashamed to admit that there is so much in Vernon's book that I didn't even know or was aware of. Many of them were just names, and reading it has been a fascinating and educational experience; learning, digesting and appreciating. I think it should be placed in every school, college and university in England so that the younger generation can acknowledge and be grateful for what these great people have achieved and given to make England England. And it should be distributed to the armed forces so that they can identify with our English heroes and traditions.' - B.T.


Tactics and strategies for the thinking investor. The secrets of power over money and the essential principles of macro investing.

‘Read this and know more than your IFA’ – Amazon 5 star review

`Vernon Coleman promises to reveal the secrets of power over money and this is exactly what he delivers in this excellent book. Split into three main sections, Vernon initially explains a variety of practical methods for keeping your money, and the detrimental effects of emotional spending.
     Section 2 provides honest and straightforward advice on the nuts and bolts of investing, and section 3 explains Vernon's 100 Laws of Money.
     This is a very honest and upfront book. It is very clear that Vernon has many years experience investing his own money. The fact that he feels qualified to write such a book suggests he has been very successful. However, his investment mistakes are fully explained so you won't need to repeat them.
     I have read (and loved) The Richest Man In Babylon and am a big fan of investment guru Warren Buffett and am a qualified financial advisor. To my surprise I learnt a lot from this book and cannot recommend it enough.
     For me the section on dividends (pages 92-95) are worth the purchase price alone!
     As with all quality books don't just read it, but use it. You will never look back.' - Amazon five star review

`Unbeatable and totally independent investment advice.' - Amazon five star review

`Having read upwards of 50 books on investment, and countless media articles, in the past 20 years I wish I had read this book first. I would not have needed to read the rest. To be super critical it is somewhat repetitive but I guess most of us probably need to hear a message repeated for it to really sink in! I have given my two sons, in their mid 40s, a copy each and told them if they follow the advice in the book by retirement age they'll be financially extremely comfortable unless Armageddon arrives!' - Amazon five star review

Animal Miscellany (written with Donna Antoinette Coleman)

The most comprehensive, and readable, book about animals you've ever seen. Illustrated with 59 specially drawn illustrations by Vernon Coleman. This beautifully bound and jacketed hardback is being issued in a special first edition of just 1,500 copies. Packed with amazing facts, fascinating anecdotes, enthralling lists and a wealth of information this is an encyclopaedia you can either read straight through or keep by your bedside to dip into. The authors, Donna Antoinette Coleman and Vernon Coleman, have been working on this book for over three years and have used literally thousands of books, scientific journals and websites to check and cross check the material it contains. If you have a library it won't be complete without a copy of Animal Miscellany. A perfect present for just about anyone.

`This is a wonderful book presented as a 234 page hardback and it covers everything you ever wanted to know about animals. It is well researched, easy to read and has delightful cartoon-style illustrations. A true bargain and one that would make a charming gift for either yourself or a friend. We cannot recommend this book too highly.' - Farm Animal Rescue

`Highly interesting and extremely useful in all manner of ways - from simple `I didn't know that' to quiz answering.' - Bournemouth Echo

Animal Experiments Simple Truths

`This book does not hide the truth and truly it should be read by all who care about what happens to animals.' - Farm Animal Rescue

Fighting For Animals
- Including: winning strategies for defeating vivisection

1) Animals do have rights
2) Facts you should know about animal experimentation
3) How we can learn from animals - without killing them
4) Meat, cancer and the media
5) On hunters and hunting
6) Why vivisectors want your pet
7) Eating animals is wrong
8) Doctors agree that animal experiments are misleading
9) Complete action guide for animal lovers

Why Animal Experiments Must Stop - And how you can help stop them

Contents include:
1) The lies vivisectors tell
2) The moral and ethical arguments
3) The medical and scientific arguments
4) What you can do to help stop animal experiments

In this book, described as `the most damning indictment of vivisection ever published' Vernon Coleman analyses all the pro-vivisection arguments one by one - and destroys them. He shows how animal experiments endanger human health, and how they have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. He reveals how scientists, doctors and drug manufacturers collude to protect a practice that has as much relevance to science as alchemy.

People Push Bottles Up Peaceniks

For over ten years Vernon Coleman wrote a popular column in The People newspaper. When the editor refused to publish a column questioning the morality of the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq by British and American armies, Vernon Coleman resigned. In this book Vernon Coleman explains why and how he thinks The People was wrong and why and how The People's actions endanger our democracy and freedom.

`Couldn't put this book down. Began it on the Underground going home and continued after supper.' - Brian Sewell, Evening Standard

`The only three things I always read are Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer, Peter Hitchins in the Mail and Dr Vernon Coleman in The People. Or, if I am really up against it, just Vernon Coleman.' - Eddie Mair, (BBC Radio Four, writing in The Guardian.)

`I wish to congratulate you on your superb books People Push Bottles Up Peaceniks and Rogue Nation. It is marvellous that someone speaks out so strongly against the evil which is being done daily by Mr Blair and his lord and master President Bush and that someone is trying to get people to see the direction they are dragging us - downwards.' - Mr R.S., Nottinghamshire

Secrets of Paris
- Selected as ‘Book of the Month' by French magazine. The inside information on Paris and the Parisians.

`Hugely enjoyable, as are all your books.' - Carol McGiffin., London

`Is it travel writing or reference? Actually, it cleverly manages to combine both. Before you've finished reading, I guarantee you'll be planning a visit...Secrets of Paris gives you just that - an insight into Parisian life, packed with local and personal anecdotes, and historical and socio-political information. Refreshingly, this isn't just a trite travel book but a readable, funny and intelligent guide to what to do and what not to do and see in the city. Imagine getting top tips from a trusted friend who has lived in Paris for a few years.' - French magazine

`This isn't a guide book, although its sub-title is `Paris for Beginners, an Insider's Guide'. Rather, it's a witty series of observations about life in Paris. A prolific writer, Coleman has sold over 2 million books in the UK alone, covering genres such as medical matters and novels. In this book he writes amusingly about flowers, the elderly, notaires, zebra crossings, hotels and almost anything else you can think of. There's a list of 10 things not worth doing (including visiting the Bois de Boulogne) and 20 things you must do in Paris (from visiting Pere Lachaise to having a drink at Le Deux Magots or Cafe de Flore). Hugely entertaining.' - Destination France

`Vernon gives us the sort of gossipy, inside information that a friend who knows Paris well would give you. It's packed with secrets and advice, but it’s also funny and enormously readable. A sparkling introduction to Paris and the French.' - Stewart Peterson, Greenock Telegraph