Dr Vernon Coleman and the General Medical Council

Dr Vernon Coleman

I am fed up with people (such as the Daily Mail) claiming that I am not a doctor. I am equally fed up with people claiming that I have been struck off the medical register.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have libelled me in this way.

For the record, my GMC number is 6121681.

Doubters have only to visit the GMC website and type in my name or that number.

They will then see that I am in good standing and have not been struck off the medical register.

The GMC’s words are `Not registered – having relinquished registration’.

Those are the words you will find against the name of just about any doctor who has completely retired from medical practice. The word `relinquished’ means that I voluntarily gave up my registration and licence when I retired many years ago.

I do not have a licence at the moment because I am retired, and the GMC’s revalidation policy makes it virtually impossible for a doctor not in practice to retain a licence. (As a result the nation has lost the services of thousands of older doctors who would like to work occasionally but cannot work at all.)

If I fill in a few forms and put up my old brass plate (which I still have) I could be back in practice by the end of the week.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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