Georgia is the Next Ukraine

Dr Vernon Coleman

Georgia has been selected by the US, the EU and the UK as the next war zone for the designer conflict with Russia.

Everything that is happening in Georgia happened first in Ukraine.

The big issue in Georgia at the moment is the campaign against a bill to force transparency on foreign NGOs. Virtually the same bill was passed in America nearly a century ago. Most other countries (including Russia) also demand that agencies with foreign funding should be honest and transparent about their ownership and influence. Georgia was merely following the usual pattern among Western countries.

Curiously, the protestors in Georgia are campaigning for America to have more freedom to control their country.

Even more bizarrely, they want to join the chronically corrupt EU!

The campaigners are, believe it not, actually protesting against freedom and transparency! It is clear that they are being manipulated by the NATO block.

It is perhaps not surprising that the EU and the US are openly supporting the demonstrators – some of whom can be seen waving EU and US flags.

Inevitably, the British and American media is completely misleading readers and viewers – and hiding the truth.

The Western allies (US, UK and EU) are pushing for Georgia (a close neighbour of Russia’s of course) to join NATO.

This is all a plot to extend the strength and importance of NATO.

It’s clear that the plan is to push Georgia down the same road taken by Ukraine.

Now that World War III is well under way the conflict will soon move into Georgia.

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