Why Only Nazis Should Buy German Cars

Vernon Coleman

Concentration camps such as Auschwitz provided German companies with massive amounts of cheap labour during World War II.

Many German companies which made fortunes by using forced labour were allowed to retain the profits and power they had acquired from using concentration camp prisoners. Companies have apologised and given away relatively small sums of money. But these companies are now huge, rich and powerful because of the cheap labour they were able to use during the Second World War.

The EU has done nothing about this outrage. Since the EU was set up by Nazis to promote the interests of Germany this is hardly surprising.

During the Second World War:

BMW used forced labourers, convicts and prisoners from concentration camps in its factories. The company says it now regrets this.

Audi used thousands of concentration camp inmates in a deal brokered with the SS.

Daimler Benz used forced labourers including prisoners of war and inmates of concentration camps. By 1944 almost half of Daimler Benz’s 63,610 employees were prisoners and forced labourers.

Volkswagen was described by Hitler as a `symbol of the National Socialist people’s community’. Volkswagen used concentrate camp inmates and foreign forced labourers. By the end of the War, around 60% of the company’s employees were slave labourers.

Vehicles which were made by these companies during World War II were made with the `help’ of slave labourers. Vehicles made by these companies after World War II have been made by companies which were built on slave labour.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2020

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