Shocking Proof that the EU Puts Germany First – and People Second

by Vernon Coleman

You might have thought that air pollution was a thing of the past – something that went out with the last London pea soup smog.

Sadly, however, air pollution is still a major killer.

The World Health Organisation recently calculated that air pollution in Europe costs more than £1.5 trillion a year and results in 600,000 premature deaths annually. On top of that, millions suffer illnesses caused or made worse by polluted air. The WHO found that air pollution is a major factor in one in four European deaths or illnesses.

The biggest single cause of air pollution is diesel car exhaust and this is where the story gets really dirty. And where the very dirty double dealing EU can be shown up for the truly fascist organisation it is – an organisation which cares exclusively about power and money and doesn’t give a damn about people.

In a couple of minutes’ time, you will, I think, agree that this is the most explosive article you’ll read this year. And you had to read it here – on a small, private website – rather than in a national newspaper.

You won’t hear any of this on the BBC or on any other major news channel. Why? Because the establishment doesn’t want you to know just how dirty the EU really is, how much Germany controls EU policies and how irrelevant human lives are when there are big German profits to be considered.

The story is a complex one and in order to make it easier for myself I have prepared the story as a series of facts.

1. In 2005, German company Volkswagen was fined $1.1 million after the EPA alleged that the company had received reports pointing out that their cars were producing excessive carbon monoxide and other dangerous emissions but had failed to report the defect to regulators (as they were required to do). VW signed a decree promising to do better.

2. In 2009, the US announced strict rules about car pollution. The new rules allowed maximum emissions of 44 milligrams of nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide (known as NOx) per kilometre. At the same time, Europe introduced new regulations requiring vehicles to produce no more than 180 milligrams of NOx per kilometre. In other words, the EU was being four times as generous to car companies as the American authorities.

3. In 2010, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and EU big shot, met with the chief of the American regulators, and complained that the strict NOx limits were damaging German carmakers. The regulator reported that ‘I never experienced a similar intervention against our environmental law by a politician either before or after.’ Merkel was ignored.

4. In 2011, the European Commission found that diesel cars were putting out seven times more NOx than they had produced when tested in the laboratory. It was also found that cars were obtaining far fewer miles per gallon than was being claimed. Nothing happened.

5. In the US, cars are subject to spot checks which test emission levels. This does not happen in the EU.

6. If a car is certified as ‘compliant’ in one EU country it is EU law that it be accepted as compliant in all other countries. Car companies therefore shop around for the country with the most lenient testing service. This benefits car companies enormously. (And since Germany is a major EU producer of motor cars it benefits Germany very enormously.)

7. American tests showed that VW had devised a way to cheat pollution tests. The Americans also allege that VW ‘impeded and obstructed’ American inquiries by providing ‘misleading information’ and ‘concealing facts’.

8. In 2015, VW engineers admitted that since 2008, they had installed software in their engines which deliberately made their cars appear less polluting than they were.

9. A key part of the standard US emissions test lasts 1,370 seconds. Audi’s software was designed to emit legal emissions for just 1,370 seconds. After 1,371 seconds, the software switched settings and allowed the cars to put out nine times the permitted amount of NOx.

10. In America, VW is subject to massive fines and huge court cases. No one gives a fig for Merkel and the German car industry. In Europe, VW is under far less pressure. The EU had plans to introduce new tests in 2017. But Mekel, having been lobbied by the German car industry, pressed the EU to relax the new standards. And so the new EU rules will permit diesel cars to continue to produce vast amounts of NOx.

11. Road transport accounts for most of the carbon monoxide and NOx in Britain’s air. These chemicals cause cancer, heart disease and respiratory disorders. (NB In Paris, cars made before 1997 (which are more polluting) are now banned from the city streets on weekdays. In London, the authorities are being rather more feeble. From the year 2020, older cars will have to pay a higher congestion charge fee. That’s it. There will be no ban. When Gordon Brown was chancellor he cut taxes on diesel cars – boosting the sale of polluting vehicles. The funeral directors of Britain should give the Scot a special medal.)

So, that’s the story so far. And the conclusion is fairly clear. The EU doesn’t give a fig about the number of people dying from pollution in Europe. But, thanks to Merkel, it cares a good deal about protecting the German car industry.

You might like to share this article with friends and neighbours who may not realise just how little regard the EU has for people and how high a regard it has for the German car industry.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 1st 2016 Vernon Coleman is the author of over 100 books, including five bestselling books on the European Union. His other political books include Stuffed! and Bloodless Revolution. His novel Revolt is the story of the EU at some time in the future.