Give Lance Armstrong Back His Cycling Titles

Vernon Coleman

Itís time to give Lance Armstrong his seven Tour de France titles back.

The Tour authorities took away his hard-won titles because he is American and because an American lawyer kept after him with the enthusiasm of a Remainer MP with a Brexit amendment.

But when the Tour authorities had taken away Armstrongís titles, they couldnít give them to anyone else because they didnít know who else had been cheating.

They could well have ended up giving the Tour win to the guy who finished 51st if he had tuned out to be the highest place clean cyclist.

Armstrong cheated. But if he hadnít cheated heíd have been disadvantaged Ė like a man with a knife at a gunfight.

Iíve been a fan of the Tour all my life and I was cross with Armstrong.

But itís time to forgive.

Give the guy his seven titles back and let the record books regain a little dignity.

Lance Armstrong is, after all, as big a hero cycling has ever seen. His battle against cancer was a massive victory for one man and for mankind.

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