Don’t Use YouTube – You Might as well give money to the WEF

Dr Vernon Coleman

I gather that YouTube still exists, offering a diet of conspiracy propaganda and dancing nurses.

Don’t support YouTube – don’t visit the site at all. If you do you are enriching the enemy who are part of the conspiracy.

And don’t trust anyone still making videos for YouTube – the platform of choice for frauds, shills and controlled opposition. YouTube only allows people who aren’t considered a threat to the conspirators to have a platform on their channel. Of course, some shills claim they are still on YouTube because they are clever and are beating the system. My view is that they’re either naïve or stupid or just plain old-fashioned liars. To claim you can beat the YouTube algorithms is like saying you can beat the speed cameras by smearing your number plates with margarine or simply by driving faster. The robots and the collaborators watch everything, and anyone opposing the truth-deniers and their policies has already been ejected from the YouTube platform.

If you do find yourself watching anything on YouTube that doesn’t involve roller skating gerbils or people jumping in front of buses please remember that what you are watching was stamped APPROVED by your government and by the CIA. And the ads you see are helping to enrich YouTube and the enemy.

Oh, and don’t pay the BBC licence fee (don’t break the law, of course). The BBC is the world’s major source of misinformation and disinformation. If you give them money you might as well be giving it to the World Economic Forum. Remember the BBC has `financial arrangements’ with both Bill Gates and the European Union.

I’m banned from all these places and from all social media but if you want truths about where this is all heading read my books: `They want your money and your life’ and `Social credit: Nightmare on your street’. Both are available via the bookshops on and

Alternatively, you could just sit in a corner, making humming noises, and wait for THEM to come and get you. Because they are very, very close.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023