Global Nightmare: Staying Sane During the Madness

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The lies and the widespread fear-porn promoted by governments and main stream media have terrified millions.

But they’re terrified of the wrong things. They’re terrified of something proven to be no more deadly than the flu.

The coronavirus is worthy of respect. All infective organisms need to be respected.

But the coronavirus was never going to destroy our world.

Today, the real terrors are far greater than a pesky virus. Paranoia is no longer a medical condition to be suspected and feared. It is the only way to live.

The collaborators, the mask wearing zombies who are playing their part in this deliberate takeover of our lives have never heard of Agenda 21, of course. They think the United Nations is a benevolent, well-meaning organisation which does good things around the world. They believe that the World Health Organisation is independent and honourable. They have no idea that a group of global organisations are now reaching the final stages of their long-planned aim to take over the world. They don’t understand that the myth of climate change has been steadily built up over thirty years simply to provide an excuse for the Global Reset that the enemy talk about with such enthusiasm.

They don’t realise that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is helping to fund a plan to block out the sun – a plan that will help destroy traditional farming. They don’t realise that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also invested heavily in Monsanto – the company which makes genetically modified seeds – and in a company which makes artificial meat. They don’t see the links.

They don’t realise what chemtrails are for – or, even, that they exist at all.

There are millions who still believe the lies printed daily in the main stream media and broadcast daily and worldwide by treacherous organisations such as the BBC.

The truth is that if you aren’t angry, bewildered, overwhelmed and terrified out of your wits then, as my old Aunt Agatha used to say, you haven’t been paying attention.

The simple-minded believers sigh with relief when their politicians tell them that it will all be over by Christmas. They believe it. But the only way it will all be over by Christmas will be if we are all walking around with our masks and gloves on and our sleeves rolled up begging for vaccinations.

(The gloves will, I suspect, be their next move in the humiliation process. Our government’s aim is to destroy our strength, our will, our humanity. If you need some light relief watch my video entitled `New Law: Everyone Must Now Hop and Wear Galoshes’.)

Ah, yes, the vaccines.

If you haven’t seen my video entitled `Would you Trust These People With Your Life?’ then I beg you to watch it. If you’ve seen it watch it again. Insist that everyone you know watch it and then watch it again.

I described in the video the backgrounds of the companies making our new vaccines.

Consider GlaxoSmithKline – also known as GSK.

GSK is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies and in my view if it made toasters you’d never buy a toaster from them.

In 2014, for example, GSK was fined $490 million dollars by China after a Chinese court found it guilty of bribery. In 2006, GSK paid out $160 million for claims made by patients who had become addicts. In 2009, GSK paid out $2.5 million to the family of a three-year-old born with severe heart malformations. And in Canada, a five-year-old girl died five days after an H1N1 flu shot and her parents sued GSK for $4.2 million. The parents’ lawyer alleged that the drug was brought out quickly and without proper testing as the federal government exerted intense pressure on Canadians to get immunised. In 2010 GSK paid out $1.14 billion because of claims over a drug called Paxil. And they settled lawsuits over a drug called Avandia for $500 million. In 2011 GSK paid $250 million to settle 5,500 death and injury claims and set aside $6.4 billion for future lawsuits and settlements in respect of the drug Avandia. In 2016 GSK paid out $6.2 million in Canada.

In 2012, GSK pleaded guilty to federal criminal offences including misbranding of two antidepressants and failure to report safety data about a drug for diabetes to the FDA in America. The company admitted to illegally promoting Paxil for the treatment of depression in children and agreed to pay a fine of $3 billion. That was the largest health care fraud settlement in US history. GSK also reached a related civil settlement with the US Justice Department. The $3 billion fine also included the civil penalties for improper marketing of half a dozen other drugs.

GSK is one of the top earning vaccine companies in the world. And in 2010, there were reports of narcolepsy occurring in Sweden and Finland among children who had the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. It is reported that not all the safety problems were made public. I have seen a report that by December 2009, for each one million doses of the vaccine given about 76 cases of serious adverse events were reported though this was not made public.

The British Government paid out £60 million to patients who had been damaged by GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine which was then said to affect one in 16,000 individuals. GSK had demanded that the government indemnify it against claims for damages.

In Ireland, the Irish Government kept inviting people to get vaccinated even when it was clear that the pandemic was on the wane and it was nowhere near the catastrophe portrayed by influenza researchers, governments, industry and the media.

Clare Daly, a member of the Irish parliament, called the adverse effects after Pandemrix a `completely avoidable catastrophe’. She reported that: `The Health Service Executive decided to purchase Pandemrix and continued to distribute it even after they knew it was dangerous and untested.’

Most people in Britain will, I suspect, have heard of Sir Patrick Vallance. He is helping to lead the fight against the coronavirus. Vallance is the Chief Scientific Adviser in the United Kingdom and, I suspect, a key figure in dealing with the coronavirus in the UK and the plans for a vaccine.

And yet how many know that Vallance worked for GSK between 2006 and 2018. By the time he left GSK, he was a member of the board and the corporate executive team. All of the fines and so on which I have listed took place while Vallance was working as a senior figure at GSK.

Check it all out. And share the information with everyone you know. Spreading the word will help us survive – both individually and collectively.

I find that every new answer brings with it a host of new questions. Every realisation arouses another barrage of questions. Trying to understand the big picture is like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle while sitting on a playground swing.

We know that part of the Global Reset is a plan to combine all religions together into a new World Religion which may or may not be called Chrislam.

As I described in my video entitled `How they are lying to enslave us’, Chrislam, an attempt to combine Christianity with Islam, has been around for some time but it is now progressing rapidly.

I wonder if it is a coincidence that churches may now be open but are not providing services. Is it a coincidence that cathedral and church choirs are being shut down – and not just because the coronavirus doesn’t like us to sing. Is it just a coincidence that Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burnt down. And that the same thing happened to the cathedral in Nantes.

Put Chrislam and ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair into your search engine. Or take a look at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

Blair launched his Faith Foundation in 2008 to work towards global faith. Blair said then that extremists who did not want to join together would be put `into retreat’. What did he mean by that? I don’t know. But I’ve seen the film of him saying it. And if you trust Tony Blair then good luck to you.

Later Obama got involved. And in 2012, the Vatican called for One World Order and a Global Government.

The constant excuse was that we needed a global government and a global church to protect us against climate change.

Blair’s list of partners, by the way, includes The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

And Microsoft.

It’s all there, out in the open.

The United Nations Agenda 21 plan is for a World Government (with population control near the top of its agenda). The excuse for this is climate change. The UN also says that we obviously need a World Church. It seems that individual religions will disappear into one. Doesn’t anyone care about any of this? Do any of us have a say in any of this?

The coronavirus hoax is the biggest crime in history. But the climate change nonsense is close behind. The whole recycling nonsense was introduced simply to keep us busy and under control. It was a prelude to the mask wearing. If they’ll wash out their empty yoghurt cartons with fresh water – known to be the world’s most essential, valuable and rarest consumable – then they’ll put up with anything.

The stuff that was sorted into half a dozen different containers was never sensibly recycled. Much of Britain’s recycling went to China to be dumped. Then it went to Poland. Most recently it was being dumped in Turkey. And it wasn’t being dumped in special pits – it was being dumped by the roadside. If you dump stuff near your home it’s called littering or fly tipping. If it is dumped for you in another country then it’s called recycling.

In Europe, the whole recycling nonsense was an EU initiative. It was and is part of the process of suppressing and controlling us. The EU has for years been linked to Agenda 21 and the United Nations’ plan for global control. It is no surprise that the individuals who opposed Brexit, and who supported the EU with some unprincipled venom, are now coming out as keen supporters of Agenda 21.

Things are happening very fast now and before we know what has happened the UN will have given us its World Government and its World Church – whether we like it or not.

All the information is available on the internet. I’ve given you all the clues you need. This is definitely, most definitely, not a conspiracy theory.

The only conspiracy is the one leading towards a World Government and a World Church.

And underneath it all there is the huge nonsense called climate change.

In 1991, the Club of Rome published a book entitled The First Global Revolution in which it admitted to inventing climate change as a common enemy of mankind in order to unite the world.

I wonder if young Greta knows of that. I wonder if Prince Charles has even heard of it. Somehow I doubt it.

But it really can’t get any clearer.

That is what the climate change campaign was all about – preparing us for a global reset. And that is what the coronavirus nonsense is all about.

Our world is in turmoil. History everywhere is being turned upside down as national identities are deliberately destroyed. Racism is being deliberately built up by aggressive well-funded agitators. Gender choice is destroying everything we know about society and about our past, our present and our future. People now have to put he/him or she/her after their names in order to denote their choice of sex. Anyone who doesn’t toe the officially approved line on all these issues quickly becomes a non-person, an unemployable pariah.

You’d have to be mad as a March hare not to be deeply disturbed and genuinely depressed by what is happening.

Those of us who see through the lies are enraged both by the lies which are told and by the fear of what is going to come next.

Personally, I would rather we were fighting a traditional war. I genuinely believe that the risks to physical and mental health would be lighter.

Anxiety and sleeplessness are commonplace. I know I am not alone in having difficulty sleeping. The nightmares are a regular part of my nights.

I spend nearly all my time researching and thinking about what is happening, and analysing how best we can deal with the mental and spiritual effect of this outrageous removal of our civil and human rights, our freedom and our freedom of speech.

Meanwhile, we at least have the knowledge that we are none of us alone.

Millions of people around the world are as enraged as we are.

We have to turn that rage into determination to overcome those who are determined, for whatever reason, to remove our basic rights as citizens.

And when we have won the war we all have to make sure that we make changes to our entire political system so that nothing like this can happen again. They’ve been planning this takeover for decades. We have to start planning now.

Meanwhile I believe that the best way to tackle the depression is to do everything possible to defend ourselves, our history and our humanity.

For example, in the UK the law states that citizens must wear masks when entering shops. But, as I speak, we don’t have to wear a mask if we have a valid reason not to – a physical or mental condition for example. Asthma or anxiety are apparently acceptable reasons.

So, if you have a valid reason not to wear a mask then go out with a naked face. But if possible don’t go alone. Go with friends. Look for people you can go shopping with and who also don’t need to wear a mask because of an exemption. Don’t break the law, of course, though you will have to check what the law is on an almost daily basis because laws seem to change with the wind.

And if you positively have to wear a mask because there is only one shop in your village and they won’t let you in without a mask then wear the damned thing but protest politely and explain why masks are useless and dangerous.

If my wife has to go to hospital and they change the rules and let me in then I will wear a mask if that is a condition of my entering the building. At the moment the hospital physiotherapy department is still shut because of the coronavirus. Hairdressers, pubs, restaurants, gyms and so on are open. But some hospital departments – including physiotherapy - are still closed. There is no good reason for this so it must be a bad reason.

Try to find people you can talk to, people who think the way you do. We have to stick together. Take time out to enjoy books and films which entertain and relax. Spend time on old hobbies and pastimes and find new ones. We have to protect and treasure some of our life – or they will win anyway.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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