More evidence the world has gone mad

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Sri Lanka is in terrible financial trouble because of the global crisis deliberately created by the sanctions against Russia. Around another 69 countries are now in dire straits as they struggle to cope with rising food prices, rising energy prices and a shortage of cash. Of the 69, 25 are in Africa, 25 in Asia and 19 in Latin America and the Pacific. Big countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and Tunisia are in trouble. (Pakistan has already imposed power cuts.) Peru, El Salvador, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia are all at risk. Things are going to get far worse. As I said some time ago, Biden and Johnson should be arrested as war criminals. They will kill far, far more people than Putin. And what happens when people are cold and hungry and really pissed off at the world? They start wars.

2. Schools close on the flimsiest of pretexts. If there is a slight breeze then all schools will shut in case a child is injured by a flying leaf. After a boy was injured at school, the council announced that `all campuses…will be closed…on health and safety grounds. Learners will access blended learning.’ I had to use a search engine to find out what `blended learning’ is. Apparently, it really just means online learning. It’s a tragedy that the boy was injured. But if you shut campuses every time someone is injured then every school will be pretty well permanently shut. But then that’s the idea isn’t it? Teachers are too dumb to realise that they will be entirely replaced by blended learning. When the only teaching is done via the internet, the authorities will need only one teacher for each subject. All the rest will be fired. (The same thing is true for doctors who refuse to see patients any more. They will be replaced by computers – who have been proven to be better at making diagnoses and performing surgery. And the computers can probably be programmed to be kind and friendly too.

3. In 2021, an anti-viral drug made by Merck was authorised as a treatment for covid-19. The drug had originally been developed as a veterinary drug using shiploads of public money. The drug is now being sold back to the US Government. The profit is estimated at 4000%.

4. News that Wimbledon has lost its ranking points for 2022 cheered me enormously. To ban Russian players simply because they are Russian was an act of pure racism. Anyone who suggested that the players should denounce Putin in order to play tennis needs treatment. This year’s Wimbledon is just an exhibition bout. The BBC should not show a second of this fiasco – they’ll save a fortune which they should give to the parents of children injured after taking notice of bad BBC advice on the covid jabs.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022

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