We’re the Good Guys – and Good Guys Win

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The longer this goes on the clearer it becomes that we are being abused, manipulated and, in many cases, murdered by our own governments.

So, for example, in the UK, there were 66,000 deaths in care homes between 2nd March and 12th June this year.

Last year there were 37,000 deaths in care homes in the same period.

Take 37,000 from 66,000 and, with the aid of my Neil Ferguson approved calculator I worked out that there had been 129 million extra deaths in care homes this year. The calculator, if you’re interested is a snip at £99 and is made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

When I did the sums in my head, however, the difference came to 29,000 extra deaths.

So, it isn’t much of a stretch to deduct that the British Governments policies over the coronavirus led to the deaths of 29,000 people who might otherwise be alive today and who almost certainly died as a direct result of the lockdown, the closure of hospitals and the panic and hysteria over covid 19.

Take the 29,000 deaths from the total number of deaths alleged to have been caused by covid 19 and you are left with around 20,000.

So that’s the unofficial official figure for the number who died from the coronavirus.

And that 20,000 includes many patients who didn’t die of covid 19 because, as the government has admitted, anyone who was tested and found to have the coronavirus and then subsequently died, was assumed to have died of covid 19 even if they fell off a cliff or were shot by policemen.

And many cases of flu were erroneously put down as covid 19 deaths.

It’s pretty fair to conclude that the total number of deaths from covid 19 in the UK so far this year, during the worst of the infection, was considerably under 20,000 – and probably less than half that. The more we look, the more we learn the lower the real figure goes.

So the big question is: how many people died of flu in Britain?

It varies, of course, but the answer, is that in the last year for which figures are available it was around 50,000.

So there you have it.

Proof, if proof be needed, that the coronavirus has killed far fewer people in Britain than would be expected to die of the flu in the same period.

Now will the doubters believe that the coronavirus scare was a hoax? And will all those people who were so abusive when I recorded my video entitled `Coronavirus scare: the hoax of the century’ on March 18th now write and apologise?

Maybe the government would like to know why an assessment made by an old bloke in a chair was considerably better than their guess?

And why my predictions turned out to be far more accurate than theirs – even though their guess, was based on the work done by vast numbers of no doubt well remunerated advisors and so called experts – including of course, the work done by Professor Ferguson and his team at Imperial College whose track record is hardly stellar.

None of that will happen, of course.

No one will apologise. Because trolls never admit that they are wrong. If you collected together 1,000 trolls you would find them incapable of organising a piss up in brewery. They wouldn’t have a functional brain cell between them.

More significantly, no in the government will want to know how and why they cocked it up so badly.

Because, of course, they didn’t cock it up.

This whole lethal, soul destroying farce has been stage managed to perfection. And the evil minds behind Agenda 21 and the Global Reset must be sniggering and guffawing at the fear they have created and the ease with which they have succeeded in turning billions of people into willing slaves – ready to do whatever they are told to do. They have been brainwashed into damaging their brains by wearing masks which reduce their blood oxygen levels.

I call these people collaborators or zombies. I know some people call them sheep, and I understand that, but I have kept sheep and they are intelligent, thoughtful animals who are very good at protecting themselves. So I prefer the words collaborators or zombies.

Those of us who believe it is a scam have all the facts on our side – as I have just demonstrated.

But facts are of little consequence these days and those who believe it is a new plague prefer to believe what their governments tell them.

I don’t really understand this, by the way. Governments always lie. Politicians can’t open their mouths without lies coming out. And around the world there are hundreds of health advisors who are closely linked with the drug industry in general and the vaccination industry in particular.

Of course, these days governments have specialist psy ops experts advising them on how best to demonise those of us who know the truth and they are very good at it.

In the UK, they are using exactly the same tricks which they used during the Brexit campaign.

During that campaign, which they lost let me remind you, they tried to demonise Brexiteers by describing them as stupid, ill informed, treacherous and selfish.

Those were interesting insults because you didn’t have to be a genius to realise that they were, in truth the faults of the Remainers – the people who wanted Britain to remain in the European Union which was always part of Agenda 21 and the plan for a Global Government.

The Remainers were not very bright people, they were led by established traitors and people like Blair, and they were terribly ignorant about the facts, they were betraying their country and their history and they were worried more about whether or not they were going to be able to continue to buy French cheeses and go skiing in Italy than they were about the economic and social consequences for their fellow citizens.

It is interesting, is it not, that those who seemed to have fought hardest to oppose Brexit, and are perceived by a large proportion of the UK population as having betrayed the voters, are now being well rewarded. Theresa May, former Prime Minister, is receiving huge sums for giving lectures – though to be honest I can’t imagine her having anything to say worth listening to and I can’t imagine her being terribly charismatic about it. And Boris Johnson nominated the former chancellor Philip Hammond, who seemed to do everything possible to stop Brexit, for a peerage. He also nominated Kenneth Clarke, also a staunch EU lover.

And the same, now rather tired, insults are being dragged out to try to demonise and condemn those of us who can see that covid 19 is not a new plague.

There is, a school of thought that says that governments are deliberately trying to divide us into two groups – those who believe that covid 19 is a huge threat to us all and nothing less than a revisitation of the plague – and those who know, without any doubt, that the whole thing is a scam.

And from that knowledge comes the belief that those of us who believe the whole business is a scam should not argue with or fight those who believe everything the government says – and who happily wear the masks, avoid using cash and so on.

I understand that point of view.

But I think it is absolutely wrong.

If we do and say nothing then we too are collaborators.

Think about France in World War II for example.

When the Germans were swarming over Paris and France the brave souls who opposed Hitler formed a resistance movement which fought hard to oppose the Germans, to make their lives difficult and to make their occupation uncomfortable. The British Government sent brave agents over to France to help and equip the French resistance. And there is no doubt that the French Resistance were quite ruthless in their dealings with collaborators and traitors. Nor is there any doubt that that the Resistance helped to defeat Germany.

And we now are the resistance movement – a world wide resistance movement.

If we do nothing then we are lost; if we don’t rebel (peacefully) then we are lost. The enemy – our governments – will have won and will have control of every aspect of lives for eternity.

There is a line in John Ford’s film `Stagecoach’ in which John Wayne says: `There are some things a man can’t run away from’.

And there is a similar line in `Absolute Power’, scripted by William Goldman. After discovering what a two faced hypocrite the President is, Clint Eastwood abandons his plans to run away with the line, spoken to an image of the President on television: `I’m not about to run from you.’

Well, I’m not about to run from the bunch of second raters now making a concerted effort to turn me into a slave and pretending to be doing it for the sake of mankind. It was, I think, Albert Camus who said that the welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.

Society has always been a work in progress. There has always been lots wrong with it. There has always been much room for improvement.

But we, as independent human beings, were doing our best to improve things. We made huge mistakes but we moved forwards – it may have been slow but it was a sort of progress.

Now, the enemy – the United Nations, the WHO, a bunch of unelected billionaires and assorted other evil organisations – want to eradicate democracy, remove our freedom, take away our freedom of speech and turn us all into slaves. They have bought our governments. And it is difficult to find an advisor of any kind who doesn’t have links to the drug industry or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or both.

It’s happening. And it is happening fast.

The people who want to control us, and run every aspect of our lives, want to do it without asking our permission. They think they are too important and too clever to need our approval.

But we are winning important battles.

It is, for example, becoming clearer each day just how much the greens have lied about climate change. I have detailed some of their lies in other videos.

The other day the BBC, in my opinion the most accomplished provider of fake news on the planet, warned that polar bears will be wiped out by the end of the century unless more is done to tackle climate change.

I really do find myself increasingly angry at the BBC. They get worse. It is, it seems to me, a racist, sexist, ageist organisation – anti white, anti English and totally facist. It is controlled by thousands of well-connected, privileged, superior, ignorant liberal lefties whose only talent is the ability to meld hubris and ignorance, ignore the facts and create an apparently unending diet of fake news to its gullible viewers and listeners.

In fact, the paper the BBC quoted didn’t actually say that about polar bears.

The prediction was based on a worst case scenario which imagined what would happen if coal burning increased fivefold between now and the year 2100.

That wouldn’t be easy because it would mean burning more coal than there is on the earth.

Polar bears are, for some reason, always used by climate change hoaxers as a warning sign of doom. Their demise and disappearance has been predicted many times. And scientists who have dared to point out that these predictions are nonsense have often been fired.

So, for example, zoologist Susan Crockford who wrote a book entitled `The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened’ was relieved of her post as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Victoria University.

The fact is that polar bears aren’t going to disappear. And even if they did it wouldn’t be because of climate change.

That wasn’t my favourite BBC headline, however.

My award goes to this one: `Climate Change: Summers could become `too hot for humans’.

That is a headline for which the word `bollocks’ is entirely inadequate. Why, I wonder, does the word `scaremongering’ spring to mind and refuse to go away.

What next? A plague of man eating Martians are living in London sewers. Giant Ants Living in Volcano. Dr Mengele Found on Moon Living in Caravan. They all sound like perfectly plausible BBC headlines.

I would love to see just a little bit of science pretending to assert that summers are going to be too hot for humans.

Do not, I beg you, do anything illegal, but please don’t pay the BBC licence fee. You can find lots of advice on how to avoid paying the BBC on the web – including my website.

More and more former enthusiastic supporters of the climate change hoax are coming out and admitting that it was a load of baloney – and that the 20% of British children who are having nightmares about climate change really need not be worried.

So, Michael Shellenberger, a green activist for 30 years and someone who has advised the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the IPCC – has admitted that he has been as guilty as anyone of contributing to the panic and now admits that the truth is that climate change is not even our most serious environmental problem. It is, he says, not making natural disasters worse and carbon emissions are falling.

He says that for financial, political and ideological reasons we are all being badly misled. And he adds that it’s hard to avoid the impression that the public have been duped.

All this is crucial, of course.

Because, as I and many others have shown, the climate change hoax was created and used to provide the basis for Agenda 21 and the need for a global reset.

For more information, take a look at my video entitled `How Greens Will Destroy the World’.

The opposition, the proponents of Agenda 21, are rich and powerful and totally ruthless.

But we have the truth on our side.

And we are going to win.

We’re the good guys.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

For more information about climate change please read Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen – a blistering denunciation of climate change mythology. `Greta’s Homework’ is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.