Google v Brexit

Vernon Coleman

The anti-Brexit bias everywhere is staggering.

I just typed the words 'eu electionsí into Google.

The top story was: 'European Elections: tactical voting and strategic thinking for remainersí from The Guardian.

The next story was `Electoral Commission reviewing Brexit Partyí.

And just in case we forgot that the elections are pan-European there was a headline about France entitled `Macron fights to contain far-right in EU poll.í

Over on the BBC website the lead story was `Hammond warns Tories over no-deal Brexití.

The story about Nigel Farage being attacked by a Remainer hooligan was hidden underneath yet another piece of rubbish about climate change and a predictable story about LGBT lessons for children. (I didnít bother to read either but the former was probably a quote from a 7-year-old forecasting that we are all going to die before the weekend and so can she have her pocket money early.)

Whatever happens in the EU polls we must keep fighting for freedom and democracy and against the neo-Nazi remainers who want to protect our allegiance to Hitlerís memorial Ė the EU.

It doesnít matter what May tries to push through Parliament.

We all know that May, Hammond and the Tory Government are remainers.

And we know that Parliament is stuffed with lying, cheating Remainers who are too lazy or too stupid to find out the truth about the EU.

In the long run, what happens this summer doesnít matter a damn.

Bollocks to the Remainers.

We are leaving the EU.

It may take a little longer than it should have.

But we are definitely leaving.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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