The Definite And Objective Analysis Of Gordon Brown’s Decade As Chancellor Of The Exchequer

Vernon Coleman’s new book, Gordon Is A Moron is out NOW

“I wish I hadn’t had to write this book.

I wish everything in it was wrong; a figment of my imagination.

I wish we could trust the professional politicians and let them get on with running the country for us, so that we, in turn, could be allowed to get on with our lives.

Sadly, I will show in this book precisely how Gordon Brown has destroyed Britain and made us especially vulnerable to the coming oil apocalypse.”

Vernon Coleman

Dear Reader,

Each year, 7,800 patients are diagnosed with head and neck cancer. If they live in Gordon Brown’s home country of Scotland they will be treated. But if they live in England or Wales, they will be denied a drug that will enable them to survive for, on average, over four years. The Government, with Gordon Brown as Chancellor, decided that it is more cost effective to let non-Scottish patients die than it is to treat them.

If you care about your future then you really must read Vernon Coleman’s most recent book: Gordon Is A Moron. Only by knowing the truth about this Government do you have the power to change things and to protect your future – physically as well as financially.

Nowhere else are you going to read the unbiased truth about our Government and what is going on in the world. Far too many authors and journalists are frightened of delivering the truth for fear of the consequences.

Vernon Coleman is renowned for his bravery in making sure that his readers know the truth, despite the consequences. That is why Vernon Coleman is highly respected and loved by his loyal readers around the world.

“I did maths for a year at university. I don’t think I was very good at it. And some people would say it shows.”

Gordon Brown

In Gordon Is A Moron, you will be the first to learn about the following:

* Why Brown is to blame for the terrible shock coming to the countless millions who are expecting to live on their State pensions – Page 36
* How you could be breaking the law because of Brown – Page 72
* Convincing evidence that Brown doesn’t care about England – Page 120

“One day the whole of Europe will be one vast socialist state…even England.”


* The terrible way hospitals trick patients on waiting lists in order to meet Brown’s targets – Page 44
* How Brown has ensured that Britain will be divided into two in the future - ex-Government employees and the rest – Page 33
* Why Brown pushed the police into making ludicrous arrests – Page 47

Gordon Is A Moron – Contents Include:

Chapter 1: Gordon Brown: Visionary Or Moron?
Chapter 2: Fiddling The Inflation Figures
Chapter 3: The Great Pensions Theft
Chapter 4: How Brown’s Performance Target Culture Has Destroyed Public Services
Chapter 5: Statist or Fascist?
Chapter 6: The Imprudent Chancellor And The Worst Budget Deficit In W. Europe
Chapter 7: The Architect Of Britain’s Housing Crisis
Chapter 8: Strangling The Economy With Red Tape
Chapter 9: Creating A Society Dependent Upon The State
Chapter 10: Selling Off The Family Gold At Rock Bottom Prices
Chapter 11: Tax Credits: A Tool For A Control Freak
Chapter 12: Destroyer Of Family Life
Chapter 13: The Sinking Ship
Chapter 14: PFI: Perfidious Financial Innovation
Chapter 15: The Tax Collector
Chapter 16: Means Testing – Another Aspect Of Practical Fascism
Chapter 17: An Army Of Bureaucrats
Chapter 18: A Man Dedicated To Waste
Chapter 19: A Scot Who Loathes England?
Chapter 20: A Collapse In Savings
Chapter 21: Global Warming: An Opportunity For More Taxes
Chapter 22: Squeezing The Poor Until The Pips Squeak

* How Brown has left the nation in a perilous state – Page 58
* How Brown has destroyed what was left of the traditional doctor-patient relationship – Page 43
* The best job to have under Brown’s Government – Page 114

“Last year, if you didn’t eat, didn’t drive to work, didn’t heat your home, didn’t visit a doctor, didn’t buy a house, didn’t buy insurance of any kind, didn’t have a child in college and didn’t pay…taxes, your cost of living agrees with the Government’s cost of living index.”

Clyde Harrison

* Why Brown is to blame for the dumbing-down of school examinations – Page 46
* The shocking truth - how Brown manipulated the inflation figures during his time as Chancellor – Page 26
* How Brown et al have impeded the lives of women of childbearing age – Page 76
* What Brown did to Britain’s gold reserves – Page 78
* How Brown has destroyed the principle of saving – Page 30
* Why Brown is responsible for the absurd and dangerous ‘target’ culture – Page 37
* Why your medical records aren’t safe under Brown’s Government – Page 132
* How Brown has created a regime that discourages marriage – Page 83
* Why Brown is to blame for the abolition of weekly rubbish collections – Page 98
* The shocking truth about Brown’s speed cameras – Page 100
* The scary future Brown has guaranteed for us – Page 147
* How Brown stole the pensions from millions of hard-working men and women – Page 30

And, much, much more!

“If I spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, I’m not concerned about how much it is, and I’m not concerned about what I get. And that’s government.”

Milton Friedman

Ignorance Is Bliss?
The old adage ‘Ignorance is bliss’ is perfectly true for a short while, but the misery ignorance causes in the long-term can be devastating. It makes far more sense to know the problems that are likely to occur in the future so that you can do your best to minimise the impact (or even avoid the problems altogether). The old adage: ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ makes far more sense.

‘The dictionary defines a moron as a stupid person. I don’t think anyone reading this book will be left in any doubt that Gordon Brown, darling of the left wing, and widely acclaimed by the intellectually disadvantaged media proponents of fascism as a heavy weight political intellectual is a moron; a truly stupid person.

Brown’s term as Chancellor will be remembered for poor decisions, extraordinary displays of ignorance, prejudice (that would surely have resulted in serious charges if exhibited by anyone outside the Government) and Soviet quality attempts at social engineering.

In Gordon is a Moron I’ve explained how Brown’s stupidity and incompetence have weakened Britain for generations to come.

If you share my horror at the lowering of quality and standards in public life you will, I suspect, also share my belief that no one exemplifies the lowering more dramatically than Gordon the Moron. I have tried to deal with Brown in an objective and academic way but I make no apologies if any of my contempt has seeped into my prose.

What have we done to deserve public servants such as Brown?

It must have been something pretty terrible.’

From Vernon Coleman’s preface to Gordon Is A Moron

What Readers Say About Gordon The Moron:

`Thank you for writing Gordon is a Moron. The book is brilliant and I have just packed one for David Cameron and one for William Hague. I have asked both of them to read it, and I have also advised them that this book should be sent to every college and school and to all authorities.'
S.P.J. (Wales)

`Brilliant. Should be read and re-read by every voter in the country.'
J.H.A. by email

`Genuinely perceptive and comprehensive.'
A.M. by email

B.H. by email

`Damn good reading. Highly recommended.'
D.E. by email

In Vernon Coleman’s new 154-page book, Gordon Is A Moron you will learn the real, unexpurgated truth about Brown. You will be shocked. Things are much, much worse than you thought they were. By knowing what really goes on in the Government will you best be able to protect your future.

Yours sincerely,

Donna Davidson

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