You Could Go to Prison for Reading This

Vernon Coleman

People still aren’t taking seriously the clause in Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement which will prevent us criticising the EU if we leave on the terms she has agreed.

It is this, not the silly nonsense about Northern Ireland, which should be the deal breaker.

If we leave the EU with the deal that Mrs May has agreed, then we will all be under the control of the European Court of Justice.


And there is an ‘article’ in the agreement which commits us to ‘cooperation on combating misinformation’.

And that clause will include anything which criticises the European Union in any way. It will be illegal to draw attention to the EU’s history, to point out that it was built by Nazis and to explain the ways in which the EU has made our lives infinitely worse.

We will be slaves, owned by the EU.

And we will be punished if we complain or dare to tell the truth.

It scares me.

And it should scare you.

If MPs decide we should leave the EU on the terms agreed by Theresa May then you could go to prison for reading this.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of books you might like to read now (before they become illegal):

The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. (This book will blow your mind – it is the first full account of how the Nazis created the ‘European Coal and Steel Community’ which morphed into the European Union. There is a list of the 40 Founders of the EU in the book. And you will be shocked at what you discover about the Bank of England.)

Revolt by Vernon Coleman (a futuristic novel set in England under EU rule). Nigel Farage said: ‘I enjoyed reading Revolt. I fear that much of the book may come true.’

Read them now and if you purchase hard copies I suggest you keep them under the mattress or in a shed at the bottom of the garden.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019