We Donít Want Gove As Prime Minister!

Vernon Coleman

It appears that super-nerd Michael Gove is now favourite to be the next leader of the Conservative Party Ė and Prime Minister.

No. Please no.

If it hadnít been for Gove, I suspect that Boris Johnson would have been Prime Minister in 2017 and we would now be out of the EU.

I confess I donít like BJ (and I have good reason to believe he doesnít much like me) but he is politically committed to Brexit and he would have no choice but to take us out of the EU.

But Boris lost his chance when he voted for Mayís miserable deal. As did Jacob Rees-Mogg. They should have held firm to their principles.

I think Gove would be another May.

Another bloody disaster; another damnably wimpy eurotart.

The only difference would be that he probably wouldnít favour the leopard skin shoes and the big beads.

We should tell our MPs that we donít want Gove as leader.

We want someone with dignity, strength of mind and courage. We need someone unpredictable but steadfast. We need someone who terrifies the EU.

The trouble is that there isnít anyone in the rabble currently in the House of Commons who shows those qualities.

Leading Tories include Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd, Greg Clark, Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve. They, like all Tory and Labour MPs, were elected on a Manifesto for leaving the EU. That was why people voted for them. But they have worked hard to prevent the main tenet of the Manifesto. Who would buy a second hand car from any of these people?

We would be better off with Screaming Lord Sutch than any of the current batch of MPs Ė bless his much missed heart.

Although he did wear a leopard skin coat.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019