How to Solve the GP Shortage Overnight

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Boris Johnson says he intends to find 6,000 more GPs. Iím not sure where he intends to find them. But I could find 6,000 well-qualified, experienced GPs in ten minutes.

There is one good reason why we have a desperate GP shortage.

The General Medical Council now makes huge amounts of money selling a variety of licences certificates to doctors. The paperwork the GMC has created is horrendous and has forced many older doctors into retirement.

Worse still, the GMC has created a system of red tape which means that once a doctor has retired he will probably never work again. He cannot suddenly decide to do a locum if another doctor is ill or on holiday. He cannot decide to work just a few hours a week.

As a result, most doctors hate the GMC and thousands are retiring early. I believe the GMC system has been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of patients already.

If Boris wants more GPs all he has to do is to order the GMC to stop creating red tape and start thinking about patients.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 12th 2019

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