Australian Open Should no Longer be regarded as a Grand Slam Event

Dr Vernon Coleman

The pro-jab lunatics are cheering wildly because the world’s no 1 tennis player, and the player surely most likely to win the Australian tennis tournament, has been thrown out of the country.

`He should be vaccinated like 97% of the other players,’ said one half-wit, ignoring the fact that the 97% would eat a dish of worms if a man with a cheque book told them to do so.

Djokovic has been thrown out of Australia not because he hasn’t been jabbed (you’d have to be woefully ignorant to believe the covid jabs do anything useful) but because the Australian Government is desperate to maintain its iron grip on a country which is now a police state controlled by a dictatorship.

Apparently, one of the Australian Government’s main arguments is that Djokovic might become `an icon of free choice’ if allowed to stay in Australia to play tennis.

And that is the point.

Djokovic was not thrown out of Australia for medical reasons (the jabbed are more likely to spread viruses than the un-jabbed) but for political reasons.

Australia can now be compared to Uganda under Idi Amin.

It is a joke country where mind-bogglingly stupid politicians have taken total control of the population.

Djokovic was thrown out not because he poses a threat to people around him, but because his presence might endanger the politician’s stranglehold on Australian voters. The politicians have thrown out the world’s best tennis player and, I suspect, the one most likely to win their wretched little tournament simply because they don’t approve of his views on the toxic, experimental jab.

The Australian Government shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

Their tournament should be downgraded from being a Grand Slam event to being a local, minor event in the same category as the Market Snodbury Annual Tennis Competition.

Moreover, the other tennis players should be ashamed of themselves.

Djokovic has in the past stuck up for all his colleagues, including the rank and file, journeyman pros who’ve got as much chance of winning a tournament as I have of being invited onto the BBC. He’s defended them more than anyone else I can think of.

But the miserable wimps abandoned him. And many of them (obediently jabbed) criticised him for not being as stupid as the 97%.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

I hope the world boycotts Australia. And, in particular, ignores its wretched little tennis matches.

As for Djokovic – well, he will now be punished for his courage.

The French have already changed their laws to prevent him playing in the French Open. Will the US and Britain follow suit?

The plan is simple and was, I’m afraid, always predictable.

I suspect the Serbs may not have realised how the conspirators will crush anyone who dares to defy them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022