You’ll be drinking granny soon!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

For some time now I’ve been puzzled by something.

Governments around the world are clearly planning to kill billions of us in the next year or two.

There cannot be any doubt about that, for the policies which have reshaped the world over the last eighteen months or so have already been responsible for huge numbers of deaths and will, during the months to come, be responsible for millions more. Starvation has killed millions in Africa and absurd, irrational, pseudoscientific policies introduced in the name of the global warming hoax will result in the deaths of millions more. No one in power in the West notices or even cares about the deaths caused by the global warming cultists. The mad greens demand that we use more and more biofuels as an energy source means that food shortages will become forever greater.

It is an uncomfortable but inescapable fact that when you fill your car up with the new green biofuel enriched petrol – forced upon us by governments which are promoting the global warming fraud because it fits their sinister purposes and who are working worldwide towards a common but evil end – you are condemning a baby in Africa to die of starvation. Your government is deliberately turning us all into murderers; enrolling us in their programme of global genocide.

The clampdown on oil exploration, demanded by the global warming cultists, and the closure of coal mines mean that people in poor countries will be forever condemned to live in the past – denied all the advantages of the machine age. Without fertilisers and tractors and machinery to drill bore holes and make roads, the disadvantaged millions in Africa and elsewhere will be condemned to slow but certain death. The climate change activists either know all this, in which case they are cruel beyond comprehension, wicked to their bones, or they don’t know and don’t understand in which they are ignorant beyond forgiveness.

But that, of course, is by way of being an aside.

Billions will die in Africa and elsewhere and the mainstream media won’t even mention it. The Guardian and the BBC, with their Bill Gates financial links, won’t draw attention to these evil policies because they are part of the evil.

My concern today is with what is going to happen to all the bodies which are going to start piling up during the next year and onwards as the jabbed start to die in droves, as people with undiagnosed and untreated cancer and heart disease collapse and die, as huge numbers who are weakened by the lockdowns and by constant fear contract the ordinary winter flu and die.

You can’t bury them all. There aren’t enough graveyards or enough grave diggers. You can’t cremate them all. There aren’t enough crematoria.

So, what do you do with all the bodies?

You liquefy them and pour them down the sewer.

As I reported some time ago, in Wisconsin the senate has approved, without debate, a bill to dissolve dead bodies, using lye, and to dump them in the sewer. And this is already apparently common practice in 20 American states where it is considered to be a greener policy than anything else.

Any remaining bits and pieces of bone are pulverised and handed back to the family as a memento.

Lye, spelt l, y, e, is of course a strong alkali – sodium hydroxide usually.

It’s the way of getting rid of inconvenient bodies that has always been popular with murderers. Dissolve the body and pour it down the drain.

They’ve been doing it for a while in America. In a quiet, hardly noticed sort of way.

Now, whatever else happens to sewage it usually ends up in our water supplies: it is either dumped directly into rivers – something that happens regularly in the UK for example – or it goes through a sewage facility – sometimes called a sewage farm – and then gets dumped into the rivers.

And herein lies the problem.

Much of our drinking water is taken from rivers. If you live in a city then it is very likely that you drink water from a nearby river.

That’s the same river that has sewage dumped into it.

I have in the past pointed out that people who drink tap water are often also drinking bits and pieces of prescription drugs that have passed into the sewage and gone through into drinking water. Antibiotics, contraceptive pills and tranquillisers for example. This is a real problem which I’ve been writing about for nearly 40 years. The authorities can’t do anything about it because they can’t get the drug residues out of the water. Watch my video entitled ‘Is Your Drinking Water Contaminated with Vaccines’. Look at my book Superbody if you want to know more.

But things are now much, much worse.

If you live in America you’re probably already drinking your granny, your granddad, the bloke down the road, the kid who got knocked off his bike.

If you live in the UK or most other countries around the world then you soon will be. Or maybe you are. I don’t know. Governments hide things they think we won’t like hearing.

That’s the world they’re forcing on us. That is what they mean by the New Normal. The Great Reset. We’ll be drinking the jabbed and the remains of the jabs they took. The elite can avoid this threat by not drinking tap water.

They want us all drinking our grannies.

I bet you thought the title of this video was an exaggeration of some kind. Well, if it anything it was an understatement because they want you to drink your granny, your granddad, your parents, your children, your neighbours and the big bloke at the end of the street with the wild looking dog. They almost certainly want you to drink the dog too.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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