The Great Betrayal: How and Why Politicians Deliberately Caused Our Current State of Chaos

by Vernon Coleman

Politicians are complaining that the chaos in the financial markets is a result of the British choosing to leave the European Union.

This is a blatant lie.

If the turbulence in the world’s stock and currency markets had been a result of the referendum vote it would have happened last Friday, the day when the result of the referendum was announced.

But last Friday was (after an explosive start caused by Osborne and Carney scaremongering prior to the referendum) a relatively peaceful day on the markets and the British stock market (the one which most people expected to have been most severely affected by a Brexit vote) was higher at close of business on Friday 24th June than it had been on Monday 20th June. That certainly does not confirm the theory that the turbulence was a result of a majority of Britons choosing to leave the European Union.

So why did the pound fall so far on Monday 27th June? And why was the stock market so turbulent – with the share prices of some banks dropping so much that dealing in those shares had to be halted?

The answer is simple. But shocking.

The chaos in the markets is being caused by the chaos in the House of Commons.

There are several reasons for this chaos.

Much of it is, I believe, being deliberately orchestrated in order to create panic and guilt in the hearts of the millions who understood enough about the EU to vote to leave and take back our sovereignty.

The establishment, full of hubris and a deep affection for European fascism, finds it difficult to believe that ‘ordinary people’ should dare to ignore their advice and threats.

‘How could they give the Brexit camp a pretty staggering majority of nearly 1.5 million votes?’

The establishment did not believe it could possibly lose this vote and it is now unwilling to accept the view of the people. The establishment want to demonise those who voted to leave in the hope that they may be able to force through a second referendum (as advocated by Tony Blair, our nation’s best-known war criminal).

If that fails, which it will, then they hope that they will be able to force through a better deal – and force our negotiators to hand back to the EU most of the powers we voted to reclaim.

In the Common today, at least one MP (Kenneth Clarke) seemed to think that the very idea of the public being allowed a voice was a disgraceful attack on democracy. Mr Clarke is a long standing Europhile and a regular Bilderberg attendee. I find it difficult to understand how Mr Clarke finds it difficult to reconcile the idea of allowing the public a voice on an important single issue with the principles of democracy. But I always found it difficult to understand how Clarke, a former Secretary of State for Health, could also work as Deputy Chairman of British American Tobacco company without blushing every time he passed a mirror.

Rancid SNP politicians became hysterical in their opposition to the result of the vote. Most people lost count of their threats. There was the threat of another independence vote (unlikely), the threat of a second referendum (not going to happen), the threat that Scotland would stay in the EU when England and Wales left (totally impossible) and the threat that the so-called Scottish Parliament (which is, in reality, nothing more than an EU regional parliament) would prevent the wishes of the people being put into action (also impossible).

All of this irrelevant and hysterical nonsense served only to create ever more uncertainty in the markets.

And why, since it was clear that the nation needed guidance and a firm commitment to take heed of the public vote, did such a surprising number of senior MPs (who should have been working hard to ensure that the results of the referendum were implemented as soon as possible – with as little uncertainty as possible) simply go missing?

George Osborne, the man of 1,000 threats, only reappeared on Monday. Tom Watson, the porcine deputy leader of the Labour Party, buggered off to wallow in the mud of Glastonbury. Boris Johnson was playing cricket. Cameron had to resign but his ultimate, final betrayal was to delay his leaving until the autumn – thereby delaying our leaving the EU and guaranteeing chaos, confusion, a collapse in sterling, a collapse in shares, a rise in unemployment and months if not years of misery. Why would anyone do such a thing? Pique? Or a determination to create enough chaos to prove to Brexiters that they made a mistake?

There is a feeling, too, that the establishment is now determined to punish those who dared to vote to leave the EU.

Take, for example, the rumour that interest rates might now fall.

Since last Friday, sterling has been going down. And the normal reaction when a currency falls is to put up interest rates in order to attract money to the country concerned.

But in Britain, the fall in the pound is, so we are led to believe, to be accompanied by a fall in interest rates. A fall which will lead to money leaving the UK and the pound falling still further.

Who would do such a strange thing?

Could it possibly be that the establishment wants to punish savers and the elderly; the very people who were among the most staunch supporters of Brexit? I find it difficult to think of any other explanation.

And why have the many establishment figures who were desperate for a Remain vote taken to attempting to demonise those who voted to leave the EU as racists?

This is a foul calumny of brobdingnagian proportions – and it has created yet more chaos.

The truth is that I suspect that there were far fewer racists voting to leave the EU than there were voting to remain.

The widespread opposition to unlimited immigration had very little to do with individuals but was almost entirely a matter of numbers; and, to a certain extent, a question of culture.

There is a widespread feeling in the country that our own culture is being subjugated to another culture without our permission or our approval.

Why is it racist to be intolerant of intolerance?

Why is it racist to be intolerant of abuse, sexism and rape? Why it is racist to be intolerant of a culture which believes that the best way to deal with homosexuality is to kill the homosexuals?

These are, I think, questions which now bewilder many British citizens.

Those who would suppress the debate about immigration, by demonising those who want to limit immigration, are merely pushing the problem underground. And as any doctor can tell you, the worst thing you can do with a fear or an anxiety is to bury it deep out of sight.

And, finally, I have a strong suspicion that the chaos is also being exacerbated by politicians selfishly trying to position themselves for advancement.

Politicians in both main parties are trying to put themselves into a position where, when the music stops, they will be in possession of a ministerial car and a chauffeur.

The Liberal Democrats have acquired a few quid by recruiting members who believe the party’s absurd promise to fight the next election on a platform of rejoining the EU.

There is one common theme behind these reasons for the chaos: small-minded selfishness.

The vast majority of our politicians have never had proper jobs. Many worked as party researchers or office staff. They were rewarded with parliamentary seats. Labour party politicians often worked for the Trade Unions. Tory politicians were often lobbyists or public relations hacks. And many of our MEPs are the real political dregs: people whose careers in British politics faltered and who were given a comfortable, well paid job in Brussels as a second prize.

Modern politicians are in it not because they care about anything but because they need the money. Modern politicians stand for parliament because they need the job and the expenses and the chance to fiddle a few extra quid. An astonishing number of former MPs are in prison or have been to prison for fraud. MPs aren’t like the rest of us. They have never had to work for a living. They don’t understand how the real world works. They are so used to lying that as far as they are concerned truth is the uninvited guest who spoils everything.

And this is, of course, one of the reasons so many people voted against the establishment in the referendum.

People wanted to say ‘boo’ to the party politicians. And they wanted to scare the bejesus out of them.

This is not, of course, a peculiarly British phenomenon. It is something which is happening all around the world.

It is the reason why Donald Trump is so successful in America and why every independent minded voter should hope that the awful Trump (a vain megalomaniac with wonderfully silly hair) beats the even more awful Clinton (a vile and toxic woman with all the natural charm and decency of Cherie Blair) and wins the US Presidential Election.

The bottom line is that the world will only recover from its deep malaise when the anti-politicians take over and throw out the professional politicians.

Anti-politicians are people who have had real jobs, done real things with their lives, care genuinely and passionately, have enough money for their needs so that they do not need to be forever stealing and fiddling, and who go into politics not because they need to but because they want to.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 28th June 2016

Note: Vernon Coleman’s book Bloodless Revolution advocates an end to party politics – and explains why and how we would all be better off without political parties. Bloodless Revolution is available as an ebook on Amazon.