We Are Victims of the Greatest Crime in History

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I’ve done some unusual things in my life.

After I left school and before I went to medical school I spent a year working as a Community Service Volunteer in a place called Kirkby, just outside Liverpool. I recruited a small army of teenagers and had them painting the flats of old folk. I drove an old Meals on Wheels van too. You may think that sounds dull but the fact that the van didn’t have any brakes or lights added a little excitement. I was given about thirty bob a week pocket money as a Community Service Volunteer and so I earned a little money writing drama reviews for a local newspaper.

When I got to medical school I carried on writing reviews and worked my way up to being a drama critic for a daily newspaper. I also ran a nightclub called The Gallows. I got paid for the reviews but the nightclub was run for a charity. It was good fun and everyone should run a nightclub once in their life.

And I used to write fictional stories for magazines.

I remember that every week the latest instalment would begin with a paragraph explaining to new readers what had happened in previous weeks. It was quite fun trying to cram the events of twelve weeks’ episodes into a single paragraph. The paragraph always began with the words `New readers start here…’ though the words also helped remind regular readers what had already happened.

I don’t know what reminded me of writing those stories, all those years ago when I was at medical school, and the paragraph entitled `new readers start here’, but it occurred to me yesterday that I was beginning to get a little confused about what had happened with the coronavirus hoax. And it seemed that it would be helpful to write a few words explaining the story so far. The closer you examine it, the less believable it becomes. And, in a strange way, the more believable.

So here goes.

New readers start here…

It all began sort of sometime either at the end of 2019 though no one seems entirely sure when, or even if it began at all and it seems to have started in China. It was not however, until the middle of February 2020 that people started to panic. A bloke working at Imperial College in London scared the living daylights out of millions by predicting that 600,000 people might die in the UK alone. There was talk of millions being taken ill in Britain and of hospitals all over the world being overwhelmed by sick patients.

We were about to be devastated by a plague-like illness that would devastate the world in a way not seen since the Spanish Flu a hundred years earlier.

The media led the panic, as they usually do, and within days people were cancelling holidays and panic buying loo rolls, soap and loaves of bread. The British always buy loo rolls, soap and loaves of bread at times of crisis. Photographs were taken of people pushing shopping trolleys piled high with loo rolls. Curiously, the people who were buying the most loo rolls didn’t seem to be buying any food though you would have thought that without any of the latter there wouldn’t have been much need for the former. The stock market had a nervous breakdown collapsed in a corner, as it always does at times like this, and the chap called Ferguson, who had started the excitement and who was apparently a sort of cross between a mathematician and an astrologer, was interviewed and quoted everywhere sharing his gloomy predictions. People hung on his every word, and the BBC and the newspapers encouraged us to be terrified. On 28th February, I reported that we had been told that masks weren’t much good.

At this point, back in February, I was puzzled by the fuss being made over what seemed to me to be no more toxic than the flu. So I decided to look a little closer.

When I looked at the figures that were available it was immediately blindingly obvious that something wasn’t right. This isn’t me looking through the retrospectoscope, that invaluable aid for looking backwards and seeming wise. I expressed my doubts on my website right from the start and pointed out that according to the WHO it was not unusual for 650,000 people to die of flu in a single season.

I started looking for a hidden agenda and came up with several.

On 28th February I suggested that the virus might be being used to stop unnecessary travel, and to save oil for more important things like Prime Ministerial limousines and fighter jets or for flying Prince Charles to climate change meetings, or to soften us up for a compulsory vaccination. That web entry is in my book Coming Apocalypse which was published back in April.

I was, inevitably, considered to be a lunatic.

On March 2nd I pointed out that the mortality figures which were being quoted were wrong because the authorities were only identifying the people who had the disease in a bad way. They weren’t counting the thousands of people who had the disease but weren’t very ill. I pointed out that if 1,000 people go to their doctor with the flu, and one patient dies then the mortality rate is 0.1% but if another 9,000 people have the flu but don’t go to their doctors then the mortality rate is 0.01%.

No one seemed interested in my thoughts, apart from a few loyal website visitors, for which many thanks, and the panic continued to grow. I predicted that governments would use the crisis to create a cashless society and to get rid of old people.

It all rather reminded me of the AIDS scare. TV and newspapers were united in ignoring the facts and promoting the fear. The BMA warned us that everyone would be affected by the year 2000. I got into trouble for arguing, quite accurately, that the fear had been exaggerated by lobbyists with their own agenda.

On March 3rd 2020, I warned once again that compulsory inoculation would be coming. The panic grew and people were seen walking around with plastic boxes on their heads. Governments also appeared to panic and in the UK the coronavirus was made a notifiable disease.

Within days, doctors everywhere were warning that old people would have to be left to die because the virus was going to kill millions and every hospital bed would be needed for young coronavirus patients. On March 7th I reported that people had been cheering at the prospect of old people dying in huge numbers. `It will clear hospital beds,’ said one commentator.

By March 14th I was still pretty much on my own among doctors in insisting that the coronavirus wasn’t going to kill us all. I was reminded of bird flu and swine flu. I had dismissed the scare stories about those two diseases at the time but the authorities had made dramatic claims. The WHO had claimed that the bird flu would kill up to 150 million people. I said that was rubbish. In the end the bird flu killed less than 500. The UK Government claimed that swine flu would kill 65,000 in 2009 and spent £500 million on medicines that had to be thrown away. Again the total number of deaths didn’t reach 500. It wasn’t until a little later that I discovered that those wildly inaccurate predictions had been made by Professor Ferguson of Imperial College, London – a college heavily funded by the vaccine loving Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ferguson had also made absurdly inaccurate predictions about mad cow disease – he had predicted up to 150,000 people could die but the total was 177. And it was Imperial College which made terrible predictions about foot and mouth disease. Ferguson’s forecasts, later described as severely flawed, led to six million animals being killed unnecessary and cost the UK £10 billion.

Despite knowing all this history, the governments in the UK and the USA and, indeed, much of the rest of the world, listened to Ferguson’s predictions, accepted them with enthusiasm and introduced lockdowns and anti-social distancing. It was clear at the time that governments would have done better to have ignored Ferguson and his team at Imperial College, the Eurovision song contest losers from the world of mathematical modelling, and taken advice from Bob the Builder or Postman Pat instead. The world would have been a better, safer place but possibly a less profitable one for vaccine companies.

Angry at the way people were being terrified by a disease which was clearly no more deadly than the flu, I made a video for YouTube on 18th March. I called it `Coronavirus Scare: The Hoax of the Century’.

I’ve had a lot of abuse over the years, mainly from people hired by drug companies, but this time the abuse was phenomenal, deliberate and cold-blooded and I became the subject of a sneering, libellous, smear campaign so vicious that I regret making that video more than anything else I’ve ever done. I wonder how many people are put off speaking out because of the viciousness of the mindless, ignorant trolls and fake so-called fact checkers who hide behind stupid fake names, dribble on their keyboards, stalk the internet and attempt to smother the truth with transparent lies. In due course I intend to identify the abusive trolls and sue them. It will be good to see them dragged into court, wheedling and whining. A little something to look forward to with relish when all this is over. They think they can remain anonymous but they’re wrong and libel costs can run into millions. I’ve been busy with these videos but I am already close to identifying some of them. For example, the Wikipedia administrator, a self-confessed professional nerd in his early 50s who is married, with two children and who works for Dell might like to know that it is too late to put the house into his wife’s name because the lawyers are coming for him. He says his wife is tolerant but I wonder if she will be quite so tolerant when they are living in a draughty tent.

I subsequently carried on making videos because I don’t like being bullied by abusive thugs, because it was clearly too late to stop but mainly because I was still angry about all the lies being told and the people being unnecessarily upset. The things being done by scientists and politicians seemed to me to be egregious.

On March 19th, the public health bodies in the UK and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the new disease should no longer be classified as a `high consequence infectious disease’. The coronavirus was downgraded to flu level.

A couple of days after this decision the UK Government introduced lockdowns and introduced the most oppressive Bill in British Parliamentary history. The Emergency Bill, which was 358 pages long, turned Britain into a totalitarian state and gave the Government and the police unprecedented powers. Public meetings and elections were banned and there were new powers relating to `restrictions on use and disclosure of information’.

Curiously, even inexplicably, much the same thing happened around the world.

Following Ferguson’s guidance, governments introduced lockdowns and anti-social distancing, told the elderly they had to stay indoors, sent thousands of elderly folk out of hospitals and into care homes and cancelled operations and other procedures for millions of cancer patients.

In the UK, the public were ordered to keep six feet away from one another – presumably so that they would cheer when later told they only had to keep three feet away from one another. That’s an old psychological trick. Terrify someone with something terrible and then they will rejoice when you remove the terrible and replace it with something merely awful. Brainwashing psychologists have been busy throughout this fiasco.

The disease turned out to be unique in that doctors could make a diagnosis without doing any tests or, in some cases, without even seeing their patients. The list of symptoms associated with the coronavirus grew and grew and the official line was that anyone suffering from one of those symptoms, such as a cough or a sneeze, had the disease. Thousands of patients were sent to care homes to keep hospitals empty so that nurses could learn how to dance and rehearse their clapping. In the UK, doctors got so good at misdiagnosing coronavirus that Britain soon headed the world figures for coronavirus deaths. Months ago, back in March, I pointed out that anyone who wasn’t actually riddled with bullet holes was being put down as a Covid-19 death and that the death totals were being exaggerated. Little did I know that even the bodies with bullet holes were being listed as Covid-19 deaths. Harold Shipman, the mass murderer, would have had a wonderful time. Anyone who ever had Covid-19 was put down as having died of it even if they were run over by a bus or hacked to death by a mad politician. Officially, it was impossible to recover from the disease. I suspect that the UK Government, having overegged the pudding, is now keen to reduce the total number of Covid-19 deaths.

On 30th March I predicted that the lockdowns would kill 100,000 to 250,000 people in Britain. I predicted that the result would be that far more people would be killed by the lockdown policies than would die as a result of the virus. It’s in my book Coming Apocalypse which was published back in April. I’m not making this up. And yet I am still being widely banned – yesterday YouTube took down another of my videos – on masks.

Tragically, the UK government has now admitted that this prediction has also been proved accurate. And during the next few years the number of deaths resulting from the closure of hospital departments will soar to unimaginable levels. Suicides, as I predicted, will soar. Indeed, they are already are. Exactly the same thing has happened in other countries. This is a global crime.

During the next few years the number of deaths resulting from the closure of hospitals will soar to unimaginable levels. To that must be added the number who will die through poverty as unemployment levels soar to unprecedented levels. Again, I predicted this back in March.

It has also gradually become clear that the number of people who have died from Covid-19 is far less than the number who regularly die from flu in the same time period. The mortality rates from Covid-19 and the flu are pretty well identical. The total number alleged to have died from the coronavirus has clearly been wildly exaggerated as people with the virus have been described as dying of it. Some doctors have spoken out but most are too frightened to do so since governments have, for the first time in history, forbidden medical and nursing staff to debate or question official policies.

The Coronavirus has infected around 10 million people but the flu can affect a billion people a year. This supports the point I made in March that the virus seemed less infectious than the flu. And, of course, the total number of global deaths from the coronavirus – even with the absurdly exaggerated death totals produced by putting down every death as coronavirus related – is far, far fewer than the 650,000 who can die of the flu in a single season. It is also far fewer than the 1.5 million who can die of TB in a single year – also an infectious disease.

Now that it is far too late to make any difference, governments are doing lots of testing and the testing is showing that more people have the bug. Only politicians and the brain dead could possibly be surprised at that. If you test more people – especially if you use tests which are about as reliable as Ferguson’s predictions – you will find more people with it but without any symptoms. Many of those now testing positive are young, otherwise healthy individuals who are probably about as likely to die of falling downstairs as they are to die of Covid-19. The R number, the rate of infection, is irrelevant. All that matters is the D number – the number of people who die. But nobody is talking about that.

And so now, as the virus becomes less virulent and appears to be disappearing, as the death rate falls dramatically, it won’t be long before horse riding, or falling off horses, kills more people than the coronavirus, governments are warning of a second wave, lockdowns are being reintroduced and in the UK the wearing of masks in shops will be compulsory. When the disease was allegedly at its worst masks were considered unnecessary. But as the number dying fell so it was felt that we needed to be kept frightened until the vaccine was ready. Masks were recommended as a good way to remind us to remain fearful – and look very silly. Anyone who saw French President Macron wearing a mask knew how silly it is possible to look – and how impossible it is to take anyone seriously when they are wearing half a bra on their face. They could have got us all to tie knots in our hankies to remind us to remain fearful but these days most people use paper tissues and it’s difficult to tie a knot in a paper tissue.

And in mid July it appeared that the virus had unprecedented powers. If you catch a disease you will usually acquire immunity. But not, it seems with Covid-19. Though this claim was previously dismissed it was again announced that immunity to Covid-19 mysteriously disappears after a few months. The answer, of course, will be repeated vaccinations. Maybe we will need vaccinations four times a year. Maybe we will be told we need a vaccination every month. The UK Government has so far agreed to buy 190 million doses of vaccine for a population less than a third of that. Vaccine company shares are going to soar. What a massive surprise that will be to everyone.

And that, I fear, is what it’s all about. Not one vaccination. Not annual vaccinations. But vaccinations several times a year.

If the science appears to have gone mad so too are the rules, the regulations, the laws.

The rules now are unutterably stupid, incomprehensible and indefensible. If you told me they’d been written by a five year old donkey I’d believe you. The entire world appears to be run by people who are at least one sandwich and a bottle of fizzy pop short of a picnic. You can go into a pub but not a bowling alley. You can have your hair permed and your nails varnished but physiotherapy departments are still closed. If the idea is to keep people confused, miserable and damned near suicidal then it is all working brilliantly well.

Oh, and researchers now claim that a skin rash is another sign of Covid-19. Apparently 8.8% of patients with a positive Covid-19 test also have a rash. Has anyone realised that if the rash is on the individual’s hands then it was probably caused by the damned sanitiser fluid that everyone is being forced to use in absurd quantities?

We are living in a manufactured nightmare.

This is either the most unlikely badly managed epidemic in the history of the world or it is, as I described it in my video made on March 18th, the hoax of the century – with hidden reasons behind what has happened.

If it is the former then we need to sack and arrest everyone involved in the decision making process. And we need to halt all the mask wearing, the anti-social distancing nonsenses still being forced upon us.

If it is the latter then we need to sack and arrest everyone involved in the decision making process. We need to halt all the mask wearing and anti-social distancing nonsenses still being forced upon us. And we need an independent judicial enquiry into exactly who is behind a commercial and political operation which can only be described as genocide.

Back in February, I said I thought that the hoax might be part of a plan to introduce compulsory vaccination.

One large drug company claims it expects to have made two billion doses of a vaccine by September. Will that vaccine be compulsory? What testing will have been done?

And how frequently will they tell us we must be vaccinated?

This nightmare gets more scary every day.

There are moments when I wish I were an ostrich, with my head firmly buried in the sand.

Anyone who watches this and doesn’t see the truth either works for a government , and doesn’t care about himself, his family or the truth, or is a dribbling, dead eyed zombie who dwells in the dark, watches BBC programmes and thinks that Bill Gates is a good, kind person who wants to save the world rather than a grinning psychopath whose plan is to gain world domination and who makes the worst James Bond baddie look like a benevolent Father Christmas.

Remember, you’re not on your own.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 17th 2020

Vernon Coleman’s book about the coronavirus, written in April 2020, is called Coming Apocalypse. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. The author describes how the hoax developed and predicts what sort of future we face. Vernon Coleman’s book Superbody, also available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon, explains how to boost your immune levels.