Covid–19: The Greatest Hoax in History

Dr Vernon Coleman

I tried to publish my book `Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ four times and four times it was quickly banned because the information it contained was considered too dangerous. (Ironically, those responsible for the ban didn’t notice when the entire book was stolen and published under someone else’s name!)

This book contains the scripts of videos which YouTube censored and removed – presumably for containing uncomfortable truths.

(YouTube eventually deleted my entire channel, banned me from ever having a channel again and, in a hissy fit of hysterical super-banning actually banned me from accessing YouTube

I’m delighted that a publisher has agreed to publish an English language paperback and an eBook. The publisher is not based in the UK or the US but within hours of the book being published two companies (including PayPal) had withdrawn the publisher’s accounts.

The establishment’s conspiracy to suppress the truth and censor all debate is powerful and pervasive, undemocratic and dangerous.

Throughout the months in early 2020 to which the essays in this book relate, the laws being brought in around the world were changing almost daily. The only consistent factors were the ever-growing power of the World Health Organisation and Bill Gates, and a complete lack of official interest in the science and the truth.

It was in that period that I devised my specially written triptych – designed according to the psy-op principles used on the British people – `Distrust the Government: Avoid Mass Media: Fight the Lies.’

I warned about the damage that would be done by the lockdowns (pointing out that they would kill far more people than covid-19, the demonization of cash (and its replacement with digital money) and the explosion in the number of Do Not Resuscitate notices being issued on the elderly and the infirm. I warned about tests being used to collect DNA. I warned about the way that our world was being changed to prepare us for the Great Reset.

`Covid 19: the Greatest Hoax in History’ by Vernon Coleman is now available as a paperback and an eBook.

If you would like a copy please go to: and press the button marked `Our Books’. You’ll then see `Covid-9: The Greatest Hoax in History’.

Alternatively, you can access the book by going to and pressing the button for Books.

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