Why The Green's Energy Policies Will Kill Us All

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

NB: this is probably the most important article you will ever read.

The Greens want to stop us using oil, gas, coal and uranium. They want us to get all our energy from renewables such as solar and wind power. Through their power in the EU, they are forcing through policies which fit with these aims.

They say we should leave all the oil and gas in the ground. They want the big oil companies to go bust.

Bless them, arenít they the little sweethearts?

Sadly, there is a teeny weeny problem which the Greens havenít noticed. Actually, there are several teeny weeny problems.

First, electricity, though very nice and useful stuff, only provides about 20% of our energy needs. The other 80% comes from nasty old gas, oil, coal and nuclear power.

Second, it is nigh on impossible to increase that proportion. Itís impossible to power ships, aeroplanes, lorries and so on with electricity. Itís a bummer but thatís the way it is.

Third, an awful lot of people rely on gas for their central heating and cooking. If all those people are forced to use electricity for heating and cooking then there is going to be a great shortage of electricity because we are already using up every drop we make.

Fourth, renewables such as solar energy and wind power provide only a quarter of our current electricity needs. We would need to carpet the countryside with solar farms and wind farms to increase that proportion significantly.

Fifth, (and this is a real heartbreaker for the Greens), manufacturing and maintaining windmills and solar panels requires more energy than the windmills and solar panels actually produce. The much loved renewables are actually a negative source of electricity.

Sixth, electric cars donít work either. Making electric cars (and the batteries they need) requires vast amounts of energy Ė far more than is needed to produce a non-electric car. And the electricity which electric cars use when they are running, is taken from the 20% of our energy supply which is supplied by electricity. (This is where it gets really painful for the Greens.) Moreover, despite all the subsidies which have been introduced, we still obtain 75% of our electricity from oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. So, three quarters of the electricity which keeps electric cars on the roads comes from (wait for it) oil, gas, coal and nuclear power.

Still, we mustnít despair.

If the Greens insist that we stop using gas, oil and so on then we must do that rather than upset them.

However, since renewables only produce electricity we will have to survive on a source of energy which provides just 20% of our current needs. (You canít make oil or gas from windmills or solar panels).

And since renewables only provide a quarter of our electricity we will have to survive on just 5% of the energy we use at the moment.

This is a bit of a problem because we can hardly cope on the energy supply we have now.

We can only cope with the Greenís demands if we give up:

a) All forms of powered transport (including cars, planes and ships)
b) All forms of entertainment which require electricity (e.g. television, radio, computers, mobile phones, etc.)
c) All forms of heating
d) All factories which make things
e) All mechanised farming and all fertilisers
f) All hospitals, medical treatments and drug production

Of course, the real bummer is that the 5% of our energy which we have left will be needed to maintain and service our solar panels and our windmills.

If there is any energy left over, we may be able to boil a kettle and make a cup of hot water, though there wonít be any tea leaves, milk or sugar to put in the hot water.

The good news is that our inability to use tractors and fertilisers will mean that most of us will starve to death, so we wonít mind too much.

Welcome to the Green World.

NB 1
All this is accurate. It is true and it is terrifying. The Greens, the lefty luvvies and the eurocrats at the EU genuinely want us to stop using oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. They believe in the myth of climate change and they hope their solutions will save us all from a non-existent threat. But if the Greens have their way, our planet will plunge into the biggest war of all time. The survivors will be those countries which retain fossil fuels and use them to manufacture armaments and to make and fuel bombers and tanks. The citizens of countries which decide unilaterally to rely on renewables will die.

NB 2
Now you see why I believe this is the most important article you will ever read. Our energy policies define our future. And our current energy policies mean that we have no future.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 10th September 2017