Greens and Liberals Hate Mandela but Love Hitler

Vernon Coleman

Self-righteous students, the Greens (whom I now intend to think of as the Groans) and Illiberal Undemocrats have spent much of the last decade denouncing people like Rhodes, Kipling, Raffles and Gandhi Ė all of whom they regard with scorn. (Not sure what Gandhi did to annoy them. Probably wore a loin cloth that wasnít made out of recycled newspapers.)

Their objection is usually that these great thinkers and doers did or said things that would not be acceptable today and must therefore be expunged from the history books.

The latest name to be added to the `unacceptable listí is Nelson Mandela whose days as a terrorist have made him a bad egg.

Who next I wonder?

The odd thing is that the same nutters who reject the people Iíve named seem happy to accept Adolf Hitler as their hero.

Hitler was a founding father of the EU but the self-righteous students, Groans and Illiberal Undemocrats et al love the EU so much that they are clearly prepared to accept the moustachioed, heel-clicker as a hero.

I can understand the BBC loving the EU (the EU bought the BBC years ago) but I donít think I will ever understand why so many so-called liberals adore an organisation designed by Nazis and built with money made with the aid of the concentration camp workers at Auschwitz.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

P.S. The Illiberal Undemocratic woman says she wonít help Corbyn form a Government. Does anyone in Britain believe her? This is the woman who seems to believe her view on the EU trumps that of the British people.

P.P.S. If the Groans and Illiberal Undemocrats had read Zina Cohenís book The Shocking History of the EU they would not be remainers. No sensible person who knew the truth about the EU could possibly be a remainer.