Book that Destroys the Climate Change Scare You Must Read this Book by Zina Cohen!

Vernon Coleman

I strongly suggest that if you harbour any suspicions about way our world is being changed so dramatically (and painfully) to fit the claims of the climate change advocates then you read a new book entitled Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen (the author of the bestselling book The Shocking History of the EU).

You will, I believe, be astonished by the phenomenal array of facts the book contains. And you will be stunned by evidence which proves beyond doubt that there is no climate change emergency and that the scaremongering about global warming is based on celebrity hysteria and pseudoscientific nonsenses.

The book’s title is: Greta’s Homework

The author is: Zina Cohen

The subtitle is: The Most Important Book You’ll Ever Read: 101 Truths about Climate Change that Everyone Should Know (Especially Hysterical, Sanctimonious Hypocritical Myth-Makers)

The blurb is: 'This short, fact-packed book utterly demolishes the climate change argument put forward by Greta Thunberg and the army of global warming hysterics who are attempting to dictate the way our world is run and who are doing far more harm than good’

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

Everyone should read it!

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2020