Greta Will Be Back (So Be Prepared)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Amidst all the excitement over the coronavirus, the silly hysteria created by the seemingly sulky Greta has been rather overshadowed. We are now all going to die of flu before we can be burnt or frozen to death. The eco-terrorist vandals have been trumped and with any luck the scaremonger in chief will have to stay at home for a while instead of travelling the world sharing her woe.

But if any of us survive the coronavirus then I daresay her supporters will be back digging up lawns and sitting on train roofs in order to save us from a fate worse than, well, the coronavirus. Prince Charles and the Meghans will be once more free to fly around the world telling the rest of us not to, er, fly around the world.

And we need to be prepared for their return.

Here, meanwhile, is a quote (taken with permission) from Zina Cohen’s book Greta’s Homework:

`Greenpeace campaigns to have the world’s oil left in the ground. But in 2014 a Greenpeace senior executive was reported to have been commuting by plane for two years. The employee, who had been flying regularly from Luxembourg to Amsterdam, was defended by the Executive Director of Greenpeace UK who seemed to think it was acceptable for the employee to fly so much so that `he could balance his job with the needs of his family’.

In February 2020, Greenpeace bought a full page advertisement in the Financial Times to reprint a letter that the Executive Director of Greenpeace UK had sent to BP. The letter, demanding an end to the use of fossil fuels, was, in my view, the most arrogant letter I have ever read.

I can only assume that Greenpeace would nevertheless like BP to continue making a small amount of fuel available for planes used by its employees. ‘

Zina Cohen’s book is a vital read for anyone who cares about truth in science and who wants to know the real facts about climate change.

Greta’s followers will be appalled by the book. They won’t be able to bear the thought that climate change is a myth. The climate change mythmakers fear the truth in the same way that vampires fear sunlight.

So buy a copy of Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen.

(And then write a review! The eco-trolls will doubtless be doing their best to suppress the truth.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 7th 2020

With thanks to Zina Cohen for allowing me to reprint an extract from `Greta’s Homework’.