The Oil Crisis is Growing Daily

Dr Vernon Coleman

Todayís news that an oil tanker capable of carrying two million barrels of oil has exploded off the coast of Nigeria isnít just bad news for the families of the crew.

Itís bad news for everyone.

It isnít the first such disaster this year.

It is the second disaster affecting Nigeria. A huge oil spill developed when a disused capped wellhead released 20,000 barrels of oil a day for a month.

And the tankerís oil spill is the fourth major spill already this year. There have been similar disasters in Ecuador, Peru and Thailand.

And, of course, thereís a dangerously rotten ship next to Yemen Ė as I reported recently on this site.

To me all this sounds very fishy.

There is already a global shortage of fuel and these spills just make things worse.

The cost of petrol and diesel will rise still further. The cost of everything Ė including food Ė will continue to rise. Inflation will continue to soar.

The world economy will crumble. Jobs will be under threat. Bankruptcies will go up.

How very, very convenient for those planning the New Normal and the Great Reset.

Copyright February 2022

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