The Slaughter of the Gullible and the Innocent

Dr Vernon Coleman

Back in early April, in a video entitled `We are the Resistance and we will win this war’, I warned that the publicity being given to the very real blood clot problem associated with some of the covid-19 jabs was merely designed to distract from the deaths and the other serious injuries resulting from the jabs.

And it’s now clear that judgement was spot on.

On 8th December last year I made a video entitled `Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Side Effects’ and it’s now absolutely apparent that the warning I gave then was also accurate. It was, inevitably, subject to the usual sneers from journalists and media doctors who really ought to avoid medical topics and stick to something they know about.

Governments, advisors and the medical establishment knew from the start that the covid jabs would kill or injure millions. The slaughter of the innocent, the gullible and the unwisely trusting was pre-meditated.

Just look at the recent figures I’ve taken from the Government’s website at the end of April 2021. I have no doubt that the figures will now be notably higher.

These are the UK Government’s own official figures – taken from the figures published by the MHRA. The figures are available on both my websites and they are regularly updated.

And before I tell you what the figures are I should remind you first that the MHRA has, like the UK Government’s propaganda arm, the BBC, got financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, second that these figures are probably no more than 1% of the total. Indeed, if figures from the US are to be trusted the real figures may be more than 100 times as high as the official figures. And third, remember that these figures relate only to the UK. These same so-called vaccines are being given to gullible, ill-informed people all over the world. And in a matter of weeks these same drugs will be injected into healthy children – who are probably no more likely to die of covid-19 than they are to be struck by lightning.

One study quoted in the mainstream press suggests that the most likely side effects are a sore arm, headache and fatigue.

Naturally, these modest problems are being touted as an example of just how safe the covid jabs really are, and are being used to demonise those of who are telling the truth.

So, here are the Government’s own figures for these experimental injections:

For the Astra Zeneca jab, the one associated with Oxford University, the total number of deaths after vaccination is 722 and the total number of reactions for the drug came to 622,176.

That is just the experimental jab produced by Astra Zeneca.

Now, if you work for a drug company or the Government you might regard 722 deaths and 622,176 adverse reactions as being of no importance and certainly trivial compared to a bit of a headache and a sore arm.

Indeed, the Government, the medical profession and the world’s media clearly doesn’t give a damn.

But, let me remind you the people who died were mostly quite well, thank you very much. And then someone stuck a needle in them and they were dead or seriously ill.

Am I missing something here or is this not the greatest drug scandal – way, way worse than thalidomide?

I saw a mainstream newspaper report the other day claiming that the covid-19 jabs were the greatest invention of all time.

Better than the wheel, better than penicillin, better than the bicycle, better than soft loo paper?

I think not.

Better at killing people than napalm or those horrible little land mines which look like toys and which are designed to blow off the arms off small children who pick them up?

I’ve lost touch with reality.

Let us not forget that the recovery rate for those who catch the modern flu is well over 99% - whatever your age. And the improved treatment methods now available – including antibiotics for those with a bacterial pneumonia and oral steroids and other drugs - doubtless mean that the recovery rate is even higher than that. The plain and undeniable fact is that everything bad about covid-19 has been wildly exaggerated.

Look at the figures.

For the Oxford University/AstraZeneca concoction there have been 722 deaths so far. I’ll say that again so that media doctors around the world can make notes. So far this year, according to official figures released by the British Government, 722 British people have died after receiving the AstraZeneca jab. Most of those were probably perfectly healthy and not expecting to be dead within hours, days or a week or two.

Now, I know some young doctors look upon death as just another hiccup on the path of life but to us older doctors it’s more of an outsized speed hump than a tiny pothole.

How can doctors ignore these figures? How much are they paying media doctors to say there are no side effects and that the jabs are safe and effective when they should know that they are neither.

And the adverse reactions after the AstraZeneca jab?

Well, according to the British Government, that comes to 622,176.

There have been slighter fewer fatalities after the Pfizer jab. Just 364 deaths. And fewer still with the Moderna jab. But it all depends on how many had each one and when they had it. The bottom line is that well over 1,000 people have died after being vaccinated in the UK. And that is according to the British Government. And since very few deaths and serious health problems are reported the real figure could be 100 times greater.

I bet you didn’t hear that on the BBC, did you? I bet they forgot to mention it. They’re so busy busy at the BBC – no time to bother telling the public the truth about the experimental jabs they are so keen on defending and promoting.

Don’t pay the BBC licence fee, by the way. Find a way to do it legally. But don’t pay it. If you give them money you’re encouraging the conspiracy theorists who work there and helping to pay for their massive salaries and expenses. Given the absurd money they’re throwing at Lineker, the ex-footballer and crisp salesman, I’d guess that the BBC’s pseudo-journalists are all on half a million pounds a year plus Rolls Royces with chauffeurs and huge pension funds which they can access when they reach 16 years of age. And the BBC remember, boasts, that it won’t give airtime to any independent telling the truth about vaccines of any kind. They’ll talk to pop singers and royalty about vaccines but they won’t talk to me. Anyone offering facts or criticism is dismissed as an anti-vaxxer and banned.

The deaths aren’t the only problem, of course.

The Government’s own figures show that there have so far been 622,176 adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab.

That’s the official figure so if the fact checkers complain then they’re disputing the UK Government’s own figures. And the real figure will be far, far higher because most side effects aren’t ever reported. I’ve always thought that around 10% of side effects get reported but in the US, research has shown that the figure is less than 1%.

What sort of side effects, adverse reactions, am I talking about? A bit of soreness in the arm perhaps?

Well, no, a bit more than that. With the Astra Zeneca alone there were 223 heart attacks and 483 cases of thrombocytopenia. And 143 victims went blind and 186 went deaf. I’m calling these victims because you can’t call them patients since they weren’t ill when they were jabbed.

And the list goes on and on. These figures are regularly updated and always go up not down. These figures were correct when I wrote this script.

Epilepsy -166

Cerebrovascular accident – 607 (Pfizer 192)
Ischaemic stroke 74 (Pfizer 25)
Allergic dermatitis – 218 (Pfizer 108)
Hypersensitivity – 968 (Pfizer 402)
Anaphylactic reaction – 486 (Pfizer 246)
Asthma – 389 (Pfizer 137)
Amnesia – 182 (Pfizer 50)
Diabetes mellitus 56 (Pfizer 20)
Facial paralysis – 408 (Pfizer 352) br> Thrombosis – 818 (Pfizer 106)
Pulmonary embolism – 814 (Pfizer 161)
Alopecia – 139 (Pfizer 58)
Cerebral haemorrhage 107 (Pfizer 21)
Jaundice 31 (Pfizer 10)
Multiple sclerosis – 36 (Pfizer 13)
Miscarriage 47 (Pfizer 60)
Transverse myelitits – 45 (Pfizer 17)
Guillain-Barre syndrome – 184 (Pfizer 28)
Pneumonia – 131 (Pfizer 48)
Paralysis – 200 (Pfizer 41)
And Covid 19 – 355 (Pfizer 599)

Those are just the AstraZeneca figures in the UK. And they are official government figures. The other companies’ figures are listed on my website – as are the figures for America.

Now, take a look at the transcript of my video from 8th December – it’s on both my websites. The video was entitled Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Vaccine Side Effects.

And you will see that the things that are happening now, the serious health problems that are occurring, are the ones which I warned about.

I knew that these things were going to happen. And the FDA knew. And governments and their advisers knew.

And we haven’t started yet. What about the increased sensitivity and the allergy problems that might develop? What about the pathogenic priming? What other problems are going to appear in three, six, twelve, twenty four months? No one knows what the future holds for someone who has been jabbed with one of these concoctions.

The lies and deceits about the covid-19 jabs seem endless. Media doctors are lining up to tell their fans that there are no dangers with the jabs. Really? Those media doctors should be prepared to be on the wrong end of some very expensive lawsuits.

Assuring people that there are no risks is unethical and morally wrong in every conceivable way.

The misinformation produced by media doctors around the world and by media organisations such as the BBC mean that there has been no chance for victims to assess the risk/reward benefit before agreeing to be being jabbed.

They’ve been lied to and there has been no informed consent. As far as the UK Government is concerned, the BBC has done an excellent job at misinforming the public. No one, in my view, has been more successful at spreading lies and deceit than the BBC. I bet the drug companies and their financial partners the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are absolutely delighted. But shouldn’t the BBC put the interests of the British public above the interests of the drug companies and Bill Gates?

Still, the one small comfort is that the BBC staff will, like the staff at Wikipedia doubtless all roll up their sleeves, kneel before Klaus, the patron saint of lobbyists and Bill, the patron saint of drug company shills and Tony Blair, the patron saint of liars and accept the jibby jab jab. They’ll be turned into non-human cyborgs, doomed once the pathogenic priming gets to work.

By the way, if you find yourself face to face with anyone from the BBC, form a cross with your fingers and tell them a fact – anything true will do. In just the same way that vampires will die if faced with garlic so BBC employees will implode if faced with a fact.

What else is there?

Well, some people are saying that no one under the age of 60 should have the jab – implying that it’s all right to give it to the over 60s. That’s dangerous, crazy brain nonsense and anyone suggesting it should be horsewhipped and tarred and feathered in any order you like. In my view, no one should have this jab until they’re tired of life and looking for a painful way to commit suicide.

And it’s oh so wrong that they’re talking of injecting children. Some of the crazed, lunatic pro-vaxxers are even claiming that children should decide for themselves whether or not to be jabbed.

Let’s be precise. No one with an IQ greater than their shoe size should have one of the experimental jabs. In my view.

The lies and the lunacies are endless.

Every celebrity with an agent and a yearning for publicity is campaigning for more global warming. Or maybe less. I’m not sure any of them actually know what they want.

The authorities have pretty well got rid of coal. Much of the world now turns its back on nuclear fuel. Gas fired power plants are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Gas heating and cooking are being phased out. We are facing a massive electricity crisis and the global warming cultists, driven by fanaticism rather than science, are going to be the first to whinge when they spend their days sitting in the cold, unable to go anywhere or do anything, putting on all their clothes to try to keep warm and struggling to live through winter on cold salads. The global warming nutters, foot soldiers for the Agenda 21 billionaires, are going to be responsible for billions of deaths.

The truth, if anyone is interested, is that the three worst things you can do for the environment are to fill those silly recycling boxes, to buy an electric car or to ride a bicycle on busy roads. Anyone who does those things is a bad, bad person.


Simple, most of the recycling that people waste time and water sorting and washing, is sent off thousands of miles and then either burnt or used as landfill. The recycling scam was merely part of the Agenda 21 plan to force us all to be compliant and unquestioning. Recycling programmes use up energy and water and are wasteful in many ways.

Electric cars are bad because there isn’t enough electricity to go round as it is. If everyone drives an electric car then we’ll all have to eat cold food and shiver to keep warm. Besides, electric cars, like those silly windmills, are bad for the environment. They use up more energy than diesel or petrol driven cars and digging out the minerals for the batteries involves vast amounts of earth moving machinery and thousands of child labourers.

And bicycles? Well, they are OK if you ride them on a special bicycle track but riding one on the road forces cars to slow down, use more fuel and produce more damaging exhaust smoke.

It really is time we started to concentrate on the big picture – the hoax behind the hoax. The global warming cultists are driving and sustaining the fake panic and the fake pandemic. We need one or two friendly large monsters to come down to Earth and start eating all our greens.

What else is there?

Well, the word is that they’re going to stop recommending masks soon. I have two predictions here.

First, thousands of people will now wear them indefinitely. They’ve been driven insane by fear and they would happily wear a ball and chain around their ankles if they were told to do so. These people are slaves to their own fear.

Second, we’ll soon be told we have to wear masks all the time. The new mutant variant from India, the Isle of White or Jupiter will be the reason. And the lockdowns will be back. They haven’t broken enough people yet nor have they destroyed enough small businesses. More lockdowns, more restrictions, more rules, more laws, more destruction of our damned near ruined societies. All deliberate, all planned, all part of Agenda 21.

And there will be all sorts of other bad things happening. The Universal Basic Income will be introduced soon – I gather they’re already planning to test it in Wales. And despite all the promises, I fear we will lose the battle over cash. Slavery isn’t far away.

Still, the madness is widespread. All that mask wearing seems to be causing a good deal of dementia.

Councils in the UK are hiring covid marshals to patrol the streets from July 1st until 2023. There’s something odd about this because the lockdown restrictions are supposed to end in June and there has never been any instruction to wear masks out of doors. It seems to me that a good many people know that all the rules and regulations are going to be back very soon. My guess is as the same as it has been for months – early autumn. Incidentally, China is docking social credit points from citizens spotted not wearing a mask. How they’ll dock me points I don’t know. My rating is undoubtedly already negative.

Incidentally, according to the High Court in Cardiff in the UK, it was decreed last February that anyone suspected of breaching covid regulations is not required by law to give the police their name and address. I suspect that a good many convictions are going to have to be reversed.

The authorities everywhere are doing everything they can to suppress the truth. In America, citizens can apply for covid-19 funeral expenses assistance for a death caused by, or likely to have been caused by covid-19. The trick here is pretty obvious. The authorities are obviously hoping that many of those who complained that Granddad or Grandma died of cancer or heart disease and not of covid will keep quiet when they realise that they can claim the cost of the funeral expenses if they are prepared to keep their mouths shut and their consciences locked up.

Health care is deteriorating rapidly as the plan to kill seven billion accelerates. In the UK, more than 436,000 people have now been waiting more than a year for essential medical treatment. That number is going to grow because nearly five million Britons are already waiting for hospital treatment, and the social distancing nonsense means that the waiting list will grow. Many will die before they are treated. And yet, unbelievably, some hospital doctors are still complaining about the quality of masks they’re given and, no doubt, the tax bills relating to their pensions. I despair. I feel ashamed of my profession.

There is pressure from the Government and the medical profession for GPs to treat patients via the telephone rather than in person – and this will result in millions of mistakes and heaven knows how many deaths. You can’t make safe diagnoses if you use phones and computers all the time.

All, let us not forget, for a virus which I have proved to be no more deadly than the flu. Watch my video entitled `Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed’ in which the facts are, as ever, incontrovertible.

And still they keep pushing and promoting the death in a syringe injections. There is no informed consent. No long-term trials have been conducted. And no one knows how many will die from pathogenic priming in the coming months. The journalists around the world – especially the media doctors – who are selling these wretched, deadly jabs must share the blame for the slaughter and destruction of the unwitting millions. The drug companies have no liability, of course. It will be taxpayers who will pick up the bills. And the jabs don’t stop you getting covid and don’t stop you spreading it. It’s the least deadly plague in history. And the most deadly remedy.

Incidentally, I see that some experts are now saying that the jabs might not protect against the Indian variants of the coronavirus. Really. That’s odd because the jabs don’t stop you getting any variants of the coronavirus.

I’ve already dealt with the deaths and serious injuries following vaccination in the UK. Now look at what is happening in the United States.

The National Vaccine Information Center had, by the end of April 2021 found 3,837 cases where patients had died after being injected with one of the mRNA substances.

In addition, 21,623 people needed urgent care and 10,715 had to be admitted to hospital. There were 834 cases of anaphylaxis, 7,463 cases of severe allergy reaction, 1,132 heart attacks and 213 miscarriages.

And remember, please remember, that experts reckon that less than 1% of related health problems, side effects, are reported after a drug is given.

But listen to the radio or the television or the numerous media doctors making a fortune out of this scam and you’ll hear that there are no risks, side effects, dangers or deaths.

But the truth is common health problems after mRNA pseudo vaccinations include blindness, heart attacks, paralysis, Bell’s palsy, deafness, shingles, alopecia and, of course, covid-19 itself. There have been recent reports about ‘long covid’ causing hair loss. Really? What about the jab? As I’ve been saying for ages they’re using so-called ‘long covid’ as an excuse for the adverse effects caused by the jabs. They were always going to do that. Isn’t it strange that the symptoms of the alleged ‘long covid’ just happen to be identical to the jab injuries.

There’s a feature on both my websites entitled `Updated – how many people are the vaccines killing’. It’s full of facts and details about this genocide.

Please email the article to everyone you know – journalists, doctors and schools. My websites aren’t always easy to find because they are being suppressed, but persevere. This is the most important battle you will ever fight.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021

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