Harry and Wife

Vernon Coleman

Prince Harry and Wife are public employees. They are paid to wave, to open things and to share every aspect of their private lives with the public.

Thatís the deal.

If they donít like the deal then they can resign their titles, get jobs and live privately. I canít see any sign of them wanting to do that.

I mention all this because Harry and his missus have apparently decided that they will announce the result of their pregnancy when they find it convenient. Maybe they just want to maximise the newspaper and TV coverage.

But thatís not actually the way the deal works.

The tradition is for Mrs Harry to stand on the steps of the hospital and brandish the baby to the assembled hordes.

I worry that they will announce the result of the pregnancy at a politically convenient time. And if details of the baby are announced when the local election results are published or when Mrs May makes another attempt to fiddle her wretched deal through the Commons, I will find it difficult to believe that we arenít being played Ė and that the baby isnít being used as a useful distraction.

Thatís what happens when no one trusts anything anyone in public life says or does.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019