How the BBC’s Panorama Programme Has Betrayed Us All

Dr Vernon Coleman

The BBC’s Panorama programme is now rightly regarded as trashy and dishonest for forging documents. (The suggestion seems to be that one man was responsible for the dishonesty. Don’t they have editors at the BBC?)

But Panorama’s trickery involving Princess Diana was trivial and insignificant compared to the way it has supported the Government’s covid fraud and helped promote a fraud which has already resulted in many thousands of deaths.

It seems to me that the BBC is full of `Martin Bashirs’ – regiments of dishonest journalists who will distort or suppress the truth in order to create the story they want.

Panorama needs to be axed for falsely maligning those of us fighting to share the truth about the fake covid pandemic.

Earlier this year, in a Panorama programme pretending to be in the interests of the public, the unethical and irresponsible BBC attacked those of us fighting the Government’s lies. (The BBC itself has financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and therefore has no integrity whatsoever. It certainly should keep out of topics which enrich the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.)

The BBC did not invite any of those who were attacked to go into the studios to defend themselves and their points of view. This is, in my experience, contrary to the usual practice of allowing a person being attacked to be present in the studio to defend themselves. We were tried and found guilty without the truth being allowed into the studio as a witness.

It is official BBC policy to refuse to allow those who question vaccination into the BBC’s publicly funded studios `even when they’re right’.

The BBC seems determined to support the fascist global elite, the cabal intent on taking over the world, and determined to suppress the truth.

Although the corporation has thousands of employees I am convinced that none of them shows any signs of understanding anything about medicine or science in general or vaccines in particular. Their combined bigotry, prejudice and staggering ignorance is extraordinary. When they need to use outside advisors, they seem to me to reach out to individuals with links either to the Government or to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Don’t break the law, but please make sure you avoid paying the BBC licence fee.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 25th 2021