Why has it taken Doctors so long to realise that the Jabs Cause Myocarditis?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

It is now well over a year since I first warned that the mRNA jabs would cause myocarditis.

I listed the main side effects associated with the mRNA jabs in a video entitled `Covid 19 Vaccine – Possible Side Effects’ on 8th December 2020.

The video and the transcript are on www.vernoncoleman.org (the transcript alone is on www.vernoncoleman.com )

I am pleased that doctors all over the world are now popping out of the woodwork to agree that the mRNA jabs can cause myocarditis and other serious problems.

But why did they keep quiet for so long?

The mRNA jabs have been causing myocarditis for over a year.

Thousands of lives have been ruined unnecessarily.

If more doctors had had the wit and the courage to speak out sooner things would have been very different.

The information about the dangers of the mRNA jabs was available in December 2020. If I had access to that information so did every other doctor in the world.

We should never forget or forgive the doctors and nurses who kept silent because they were either too lazy to find the truth or too afraid to speak out.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

Since the publication of his books` The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors in the 1970s, Dr Vernon Coleman has been the world’s leading authority on prescription drug adverse effects and on iatrogenesis. Dr Coleman is now almost certainly the most banned, abused and lied about doctor in the world – banned and demonised for telling the truth.