Has The GMC Gone Mad?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It has long been my professional opinion that the General Medical Council has done more damage to the health of the British people than any other organisation (with the exception of the NHS, of course).

For example, the GMC’s absurd revalidation programme appears to me to have been devised solely to provide the bureaucrats with even more money through licensing requirements. I do not believe for a second that it has helped improve patient care or welfare.

Now the GMC is investigating a GP who asked a Muslim woman to remove her face veil. The GP is being investigated for alleged racism.

It is difficult to imagine anything more stupid. It appears to me that the GMC has fallen over itself trying to be politically correct. This is `virtue signalling’ on an absurd scale.

How is a doctor supposed to examine a woman if she wears a face veil? An enormous amount of medical information is obtained by looking at the face. And are dentists supposed to treat patients who are wearing face veils?

It is bad enough that doctors spend much of their time attempting to deal with patients who do not speak English.

Are they now expected to diagnose and treat patients without being able to see them too?

It’s time that the GMC, an expensive and nonsensical organisation, was closed down. There are much better ways to discipline doctors and protect patients.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

P.S. I believe my books Coleman’s Laws and How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You provide patients with far more help in defending themselves against `bad’ doctors than the GMC has ever done.