Another Reason to Hate Electric Cars

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A fairly narrow country road which I use quite frequently has become a single track lane because the owner of an electric car has placed a charging point on the edge of the road.

His car now sits there, merrily sucking up electricity from the National Grid, and the owner doubtless believes (quite erroneously) that he is saving the planet. In reality, of course, the electricity his car requires is being produced by burning coal and diesel oil.

But the real problem is that his electric car now blocks one lane of a narrow, two lane road. And so the owner has turned a busy country road into a one way lane.

The result is that there are huge queues as traffic has to take it in turns to wriggle past the blockage.

Every day, thousands of motorists waste up to 15 or 20 minutes each in queuing to get past. And, of course, the localised pollution has been dramatically increased since when cars slow, stop and start again, fuel consumption rises dramatically.

This is yet another example of the stupidity and selfishness of the individual who buys an electric car.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018