You Donít Have to Pay the BBC Licence Fee

Vernon Coleman

Millions of Britons hate the idea of giving money to the BBC. It is a biased, bent and disloyal organisation staffed almost to an idiot by Remainers who are flabby, narcissistic, whining and lazy.

BBC staff (like the morons who work for The Guardian and the Daily Mail) are overdosed with self-righteousness, laced heavily with hypocrisy, filled with absurd enthusiasm for multiculturalism (the staff doubtless like being able to hire all those cheap nannies and gardeners), racist (vast numbers of BBC staff are foreign and they hate the English), sexist (the BBC employs more than enough homosexuals and the organisation seems to hate heterosexuals) and ageist (they seem to hate everyone over sixty).

The organisation has now risen to new heights of sanctimoniousness by refusing to play Michael Jackson records on one of its radio stations. They are doing this because of allegations (unproven) which have been made about Mr Jackson (who is dead and cannot defend himself).

I suspect that if Mr Jackson were still alive the BBC would not dare do this Ė lest they find themselves at the wrong end of a massive lawsuit.

Who will be next to be banned? Oscar Wilde? Lewis Carroll? James Barrie?

The really odd thing is that the BBC continues to give massive amounts of airtime to Tony Blair who should surely be serving time as a war criminal but who is a great supporter of the BBCís financial backer Ė the European Union Ė and who appears regularly on BBC programmes to demand that the Referendum be re-run so that the Neo-Nazis in Brussels can have another chance at winning.

And thereís another odd thing.

The BBC wonít play Michael Jackson records but they enthusiastically support a neo-Nazi organisation which was founded by some of the nastiest Nazis.

The first President of the European Commission was a well-documented Nazi thug called Walter Hallstein who helped write the original document calling for the elimination of the Jewish race.

In view of its affection for the EU, I donít think itís a great stretch to describe the BBC as a Neo-Nazi broadcaster.

It is not surprising that every year two million people stop giving money to an organisation which hates Britain and the British.

You wonít go to prison if you donít buy rags such as The Guardian or the Daily Mail but the law says we are all supposed to give £3 a week to Gary Lineker and his overpaid EU loving chums.

Since the EU is without doubt a Neo-Nazi organisation, created by Nazis to satisfy Nazi ambitions, it is no stretch to argue that those who support it must also be Neo-Nazis. If you support the Labour Party then youíre a socialist. If you support the Conservative Party then youíre a tory. If you support the EU then youíre a neo-Nazi.

So, how can you avoid giving money to the organisation which, two decades ago, I named the Brussels Broadcasting Company?

Itís actually quite simple.

According to the TV licensing thugs you donít need a licence just because you own a television set, though the miserable, officious bastards will doubtless inundate you with threatening letters if you buy one.

Their rules are: ĎIf you use a TV set to watch or record programmes as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer then you need a TV licence to do so.í

(Those are their words and their ugly styling.)

So that leaves oodles of room to watch TV without paying the damned licence. For example, you donít need a TV licence to watch films, etc., on Netflix or Amazon Prime. And you can pay for a hell of a lot of programming if you donít give £150 a year to the thugs at the BBC.

And remember: if the TV licensing people turn up at your door you do not have to let them in. Or even answer the door.

You are not, however, allowed to pour a bucket of water on them from an upstairs window.

You definitely must not do that.

Neo-Nazis get very upset when damp.

You canít goosestep properly when your boots are full of water.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

Remainers deny that the EU was founded by Nazis. But they would say that wouldnít they? If you want to see the proof that the EU is a Nazi organisation (and that all Remainers are therefore Neo-Nazis) please read Zina Cohenís astonishing new book The Shocking History of the EU. Itís available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.