The Truth About Health Passports

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Pro Vaxx fanatics often argue that we should all be issued with health passports which show whether we have been tested and vaccinated against covid-19.

The idea is that we won’t be able to travel unless our health passport is up to date and appropriately stamped – whether it’s a bit of paper, a digital record kept on your mobile phone or something stored on a chip under your skin.

Health and technology groups are working rapidly to create a digital vaccination passport for governments, airlines, employers and shops. The Vaccination Credential Initiative is a coalition which includes the Bill Gates company Microsoft. They aim to develop an internationally accepted digital certificate that will prove that a traveller has tested negative for covid-19. It’s a small step to listing vaccination histories. Other groups are falling over themselves to create competitive systems.

One group, known as CommonsPass is partnering with the World Economic Forum – and that won’t be much of a surprise given that the WEF’s enthusiasm for a great reset and the fourth industrial revolution.

In America, it seems that employers can require a covid-19 vaccination under federal law though I don’t think anyone has bothered to think what will happen to those who cannot have a vaccination for health reasons. And I don’t think anyone is too concerned about the fact that the vaccine doesn’t necessarily provide protection against covid-19 or stop people passing it on if they’ve got it. Nor does everyone seem concerned about what will happen to the many millions who don’t have a phone which will download the necessary app – though some people are developing a digital card that folk can carry around with them to prove that they’re safe from the plague and whatever else becomes fashionably threatening.

All this is being promoted as a way to protect the world from the plague. Without your phone you won’t be able to get on a plane, enter a building, go to a concert or do anything much. I suspect that privacy will be a distant memory and just what will happen to people who lose their phone doesn’t bear thinking about.

Much of this was, of course, all planned long before covid-19 reared its ugly little head and created panic everywhere. It’s 20 years since Ellison the ceo of Oracle and a man said to be worth $87.7 billion already, offered the US government a proposal for a national security database that collected everything possible to identify someone. Ellison’s company, Oracle, is said to have been founded with the help of the CIA and indeed the name Oracle came from a CIA project.

All this will doubtless reassure those who are eagerly taking their first of the new mRNA vaccines and will be desperate for a phone app to enable them to show that they’ve had it.

It won’t be long before we are all expected to have an implant carrying all the required information. Those worried about losing their phone of digital passport card will welcome this and hold out their arms to be chipped as eagerly as they held them out to be vaccinated.

It won’t be more than a few months before the chip contains more than health information. It will be loaded with everything personal about us in an implant that will carry all our personal information, our financial details, our full medical record of course, our academic record, our criminal record and so on and so on – and State employees and certain private sector employees should be able to read the implant. In due course automatic readers will check as we pass them that we have been properly vaccinated and tested.

The app or digital card will contain details of what drugs you are taking – for your protection, of course.

If you are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict then I think your passport will carry that information. And millions of people will be able to read it.

If you have been treated for a sexually transmitted disease then those details will be in your health passport as will details of any mental illnesses you’ve ever had.

It’s called a health passport after all.

I suspect that you will have no secrets from anyone because everyone you meet in any sort of official capacity will have access to your health passport – whether it’s a piece of paper or an implant.

We are all heading into a terrible, inhuman future where confidentiality will be merely a distant memory and where the intimate secrets of our lives will be assessed and judged by everyone in a uniform, everyone working for the Government and millions working for private security and management companies – including your employers. Oh, and hackers will doubtless help themselves to your private health information along with your email address, telephone number and internet passwords.

If you’re happy with this total loss of privacy then that’s fine – it’s your choice.

How long will it be before the health passports they have planned turn into the identity cards that millions of Britons have already rejected?

We’re entitled to know everything that is planned. And we’re entitled to discuss and debate those plans – and to reject their ideas if we don’t like them.

But sadly, of course, the truth about these things is suppressed. The mainstream media does not allow discussions. There is no such thing as informed choice. Debate is not allowed. Elections have been stopped. And we are no longer allowed to demonstrate in public.

Health passports are on the way in.

And freedom, informed choice and freedom of speech are just history.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021

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