Removing Healthy Stomachs is a Mad Idea

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

When surgeons started removing healthy breasts from women who were thought to be susceptible to breast cancer I pointed out that the women concerned might be better advised to change their lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer developing.

(There is a known link between eating meat and developing breast cancer.)

I also asked how long it would be before surgeons started removing other potentially troublesome organs.

Well, itís happening.

Surgeons have now removed the stomachs of three siblings who are apparently susceptible to stomach cancer.

Once again, I think this is utter madness. Itís potentially hazardous. And it is crazy for an NHS which canít treat illness properly to spend money on prophylactic surgery.

Moreover, one of the siblings who has had the operation says he still eats burgers and steaks.

Did no one tell him that eating burgers and steaks increases the risk of developing cancer?

Instead of spending money on yanking healthy bits out of healthy people we should be spending money educating people.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2019

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