Help for Anyone with IBS or Stomach Problems

Dr Vernon Coleman

I’ve just edited and republished two books of mine which deal with problems of the digestive tract. They’re both now available in paperbacks.

`Stomach Problems: Relief at Last’ is subtitled `How to conquer wind, indigestion, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers and similar digestive problems.’

And the book does exactly what the title suggests.

The second new book is called`: Relief from IBS (Revised Edition)’.

(I called it that because there are some old, unrevised copies still around.)

This book describes the causes and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and offers a two step control programme.

Both books are available through the bookshops on and

To order `Stomach Problems: Relief at Last’ CLICK HERE.

To order `Relief from IBS (Revised edition)’ CLICK HERE

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