The truth about children, hepatitis and the covid jab

Dr Vernon Coleman

It is May 2022 and this is video number 311. For the fact checkers who will be counting, Number 310 is already recorded and isn’t as urgent as this one so it will come later.

One of the biggest health stories in the world at the moment concerns the mystery about how and why children everywhere are developing a potentially fatal form of hepatitis.

Health advisors and journalists everywhere claim they’re baffled and are producing an apparently endless list of possible explanations.

Of course, we’ve been here before – many times.

Exactly, the same sort of thing happened when children and young adults first started dropping with serious heart problems such as myocarditis. Journalists and advisors came up with some truly astonishing, and sometimes absurd, explanations and steadfastly refused to acknowledge the obvious association with the covid-19 jabs – a link which I had warned about before the jabbing started. Even when the link between the covid jabs and the deadly heart problems had been proven beyond doubt, the drug company apologists were still hard at work hunting for other possible explanations.

The essence of the hepatitis story, as published in the British Medical Journal, is that there have been 169 cases of acute hepatitis in children and 17 children have needed liver transplants. The children affected have been up to 16-years-old and the problem appears to be global – it has affected children in 24 American states, for example.

The one thing that the mainstream media seems certain about is that the new epidemic of hepatitis has nothing to do with the covid-19 jabs. The regulators everywhere are equally content that this new epidemic has nothing to do with the experiment they are conducting with an untested, dangerous jab. In my view, it is, of course, another massive cover up.

So, for example, the BBC website recently had a headline which claimed `Child Hepatitis cases falsely linked to covid vaccine’.

Here’s what the article said: `Social media posts have falsely linked a recent spike in unexplained hepatitis in children to the covid vaccine. The affected children were mostly under the age of five and therefore not eligible for the jab, health agencies monitoring the situation say.’

I haven’t been able to find out exactly how many of the children were under the age of five because none of the media organisations who’ve reported on the story has shared that detail – either because they don’t know or because it’s inconvenient.

I note that the BBC uses the words `mostly under the age of five’ which is not a scientific term as far as I’m aware. And, of course, no rational person believes anything the BBC says these days. For example, we all remember that appalling moment when the BBC told the world that the covid-19 jabs were perfectly safe for children and that there were no serious side effects.

The BBC’s weakness, which it shares with most of the rest of the mainstream media, is that its journalists are not allowed to talk to people who are knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to know the dangers.

I’ve been acknowledged as a world expert on the pharmaceutical industry’s tricks, on doctor induced illness, on drug side effects and on vaccines for nearly 50 years – since the publication of my book `The Medicine Men’ in 1975.

But the BBC and the rest of the media won’t speak to me now.

I am banned because I have studied these subjects, written books on them and lectured doctors and nurses. I have expressed critical views which have embarrassed the drug industry and I am, therefore, labelled an anti-vaxxer. I’m not the only doctor to be banned, of course. Any doctor who has uttered a criticism of any vaccine is banned by the BBC. The BBC censors its guests and, given its global reach and massive public funding, is clearly an essential tool of the conspirators and their indoctrination programme.

And that means that the BBC is prejudiced and sees only one side of the story. By refusing to talk to critical, thinking doctors who have studied vaccines, and who understand just how crooked and dangerous the drug industry can be, the BBC has deliberately chosen to make itself dependent upon spokesmen and women for the industry. How anyone working at the BBC can sleep at night is beyond me.

As a result the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, are, either deliberately or through ignorance, missing the significant questions which need to be asked. Worryingly the same criticism can be made of the regulators – who also choose only to listen to people who represent the drug industry or who have financial links with the drug industry.

That’s not journalism – it’s public relations and crisis management. Journalists are merely spreading propaganda – which is a posh word for lies which have been paid for.

And, of course, it is important to remember that the BBC has a financial relationship with Bill Gates, a friend of Jeffrey Epstein and perhaps the world’s best known promoter of vaccines and vaccination. Maybe the BBC is unwilling to confront unpleasant truths that would doubtless embarrass Gates even though finding the answers to the question `Why are these children developing hepatitis?’ is the only way to save children in the future.

The advice the BBC allowed a woman called Devi Sridhar to give does not convince me that the state broadcaster puts the public interest as high as it should do. She promised that those who had the jab didn’t `need to worry about covid-19’. And she said it was 100% safe for children. Ms Sridhar is not, as far as I know, a medical doctor but is still offering the public her advice about covid-19 and the jab. That advice alone is, for me, enough to ensure that no one ever takes the BBC seriously. The BBC, linked to Bill Gates of course, should be defunded now – not in five years’ time.

There are several possible explanations that no journalist or regulator seems prepared to consider – particularly in the light of the fact that there is a known link between the covid-19 jab and hepatitis. That’s an undeniable fact. There is a known link between the covid-19 jab and liver problems. Adults who have been given the experimental covid-19 jab have developed hepatitis. Look at the official figures of the National Vaccine information Center and you’ll find that there are 378 recorded cases linking covid-19 and hepatitis. There are several papers available online. One entitled `Autoimmune hepatitis after covid-19 vaccine – more than a coincidence’ and another entitled `Autoimmune hepatitis triggered by SARS cov2 vaccination’.

And let us also be clear that the word `experimental’ means that the covid-19 jabs are officially part of an experiment – no one knows what will happen in the future. That’s the nature of an experiment and that is why it was wildly reckless to roll out the jabs so widely before anyone knew the full extent of the dangers. It is worth remembering too that, as I have previously shown, prescribed drugs can affect people to whom they were not given – including the next generation.

But here are some questions that regulators and journalists should be asking.

First, how many of the children involved were jabbed with the experimental covid-19 poison? The BBC merely tells us that most of the children involved were under five. But `most’ isn’t the sort of word that fits comfortably into a scientific assessment of the circumstances. Besides, there are many doctors and parents in the US who have been pushing for children under five to be jabbed. We cannot be certain that doctors haven’t jumped the gun and started jabbing the under fives.

Second, how many of the children under the age of five who developed hepatitis had been breast fed by women who had been jabbed with the experimental covid-19 poison?

Third, could any children who have not been jabbed with the experimental covid-19 jab have been affected by close contact with their parents who had been jabbed? No one can say with certainty that that cannot happen. This is, remember, an experiment and experiments are performed to find out what will happen. When you’re conducting an experiment it is vital to consider all eventualities. You shouldn’t exclude an obvious explanation just because it is inconvenient and would embarrass the rich and powerful conspirators.

Fourth, could the many other routine jabs given to children have affected their immune systems and increased their susceptibility to hepatitis?

Fifth, some of the covid jabs contain vector viruses and some contain inactivated viruses. It is known that inactive viruses can become active. It has happened in the past with the flu vaccine. Is it possible that this could have happened? Of course it is. Would the regulators and drug companies be honest about this? No, of course they wouldn’t. There is no industry in the world with such a terrible reputation for honesty as the drug industry. Drug companies have been repeatedly fined for fraud, incompetence and deceit. I’ve dealt with some of these egregious examples of deceit in previous videos – some of which are still available on BNT.

Those are the sort of questions that scientists – and journalists - should ask.

But they don’t seem to be the sort of questions the BBC thinks worth asking.

And the BBC refuses to talk to doctors and scientists who have questions about vaccines – presumably preferring to get its one-side information from spokespersons for drug companies and governments. Other broadcasters and the rest of the mainstream media are much the same.

The very fact that these questions are being suppressed with such vehemence makes me ever more suspicious. There has been a torrent of denials based not on science but on hope and desperation. It is appropriate to point out that the BBC has made egregious mistakes but all the warnings I’ve given and predictions I have made have been proved accurate.

Finally, there is something else I haven’t seen discussed in the media.

All babies in the UK and in much of the world are given three doses of hepatitis B vaccine at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. High risk babies are given an extra three doses.

The vaccine is inactivated so the NHS says that the risk is `likely to be negligible’. I’ll repeat that `likely to be negligible’.

But, of course, is not unknown for vaccines which are supposed to be inactivated to be active. Drug companies make a good many mistakes. And they tell lies and suppress truths with monotonous regularity.

Children’s bodies are stuffed full with vaccines. Just look at what happens in the UK.

At 8 weeks a baby has the 6 in 1 vaccine, the rotavirus vaccine, the MenB vaccine. At 12 weeks they have the 6 in 1 vaccine, the pneumococcal vaccine, the rotavirus vaccine. At 16 weeks they have the 6 in 1 vaccine and the MenB vaccine. At one year they have the Hib/Men C, theMMR. The pneumococcal vaccine and the MenB. From two to 10 they have an annual flu vaccine. At 3 years and 4 months they have the MMR and the 4 in one pre-school booster. And on it goes. There are more.

That’s the UK. Some countries give more jabs. Doctors and drug companies make fortunes every year.

How much research has anyone done to prove that these vaccines mix well together and don’t interact dangerously? How much research has been done to show that these jabs all mix well with the covid-19 jab? And how much research has been done to show that these jabs don’t adversely affect the immune system?

Look at the back of your hand. Either hand. Look carefully. There you will see listed all the relevant research that has been done.

The regulators and the BBC will doubtless continue to search for some bizarre explanation for the epidemic of hepatitis among children.

But the propaganda specialists will find it impossible to accept that, given all the circumstances, the only safe assumption to make is that this epidemic is entirely man-made – caused by a vaccination programme. Rejecting that obvious conclusion will merely extend the life of the epidemic and result in ever more children being involved.

One thing I’m certain of, until proved otherwise the epidemic of hepatitis in children is man-made, caused by a jab – and that is the one explanation the authorities and the mainstream media refuse to consider. I would remind you that they’ve lied since the start of this fraud. And I would also point that everything I’ve said in over 300 videos, several books and a thousand articles has been absolutely accurate.

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And, remember, we have God on our side.

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