Remainer MPs are Holocaust Deniers

Vernon Coleman

Stating that Parliament is now dominated by Remainer MPs who are Holocaust deniers may sound startling but it’s true. Just look at the facts:

1. During the Second World War the Nazis set up a number of concentration camps of which Auschwitz was one of the largest.
2. Auschwitz was built and run by and for IG Farben – a German industrial conglomerate.
3. Individual Nazis made huge amounts of money out of Auschwitz and, amazingly, were allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains at the end of the War.
4. It has been established that the Nazis designed the EU – in precise detail. The EU which exists today exactly matches the plans drawn up by the Nazis.
5. At the end of the War, the Americans protected many top Nazis so that they could help rebuild Germany – and create the United States of Europe. America wanted a united Europe to stand against the USSR.
6. The leading founders of the European Coal and Steel Community (the forerunner of the EU) were Nazis. The EU was built by Nazis who used money made by companies controlling Auschwitz.
7. The first President of the European Commission was Walter Hallstein who was a leading Nazi and the man who planned the extermination of the Jews.

MPs who now want to overthrow the result of the Referendum (the largest vote in British history) and keep us in the EU must know these facts. (I have sent copies of Zina Cohen’s book The Shocking History of the EU to leading MPs.)

So there you are: all MPs who are now fighting to keep Britain in the EU are Nazi supporters and fascists.

But, since it is impossible that they would support the EU if they knew what happened at Auschwitz, they must be Holocaust deniers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019