Homework for Greta

Vernon Coleman

Little Greta, the Swedish girl, seems to have become very famous in 2019 and, sadly, I do sometimes feel that she comes across as rather lacking in humility and respect. Indeed, Iím afraid she sometimes appears to be rather aggressive, arrogant, dogmatic, humourless and rude and rather reminds me of a cross between the kid in the Omen and Chucky doll. (I have no wish to give offence; merely to note an impression. If one chooses to judge and to lecture the world, one must surely expect a little judgement in return.)

I know I am old fashioned but arrogance, dogmatism and so on are not usually seen as good qualities in a young girl. Individually, they are unpleasant attributes. Put together they produce something quite disastrous. By scaring a whole generation of children (and doing so quite unnecessary in my opinion) I fear Greta has done infinitely more harm than good and has, I suspect, created an epidemic of fear and anxiety which will last until the next absurd child finds a way to obtain global fame.

Journalists and politicians who have treated her like a cross between the Pied Piper and Joan of Arc really need to ask themselves what they hell they were thinking of. Why did they treat the scaremongering, hysterical, childish nonsense as though it meant something? There has not been so much disinformation and pseudoscience in evidence since the height of the AIDS nonsense at the end of the last century.

Media commentators have gone mad. Claiming that every odd weather event is a result of climate change is just plain silly. Today, I read that the Victoria Falls havenít been as insipid as they are now for 25 years. This, we are told, is a result of climate change. So why were they just as bad 25 years ago?

Greta seems to me to need to learn a lot of things about the climate, the world and the way we all live. Might I suggest that for her homework in 2020 she spends a little time studying the facts I have previously outlined on this website?

The facts show that nature is always changing and many of the things which have been observed in the last few years are neither new nor a reason to become hysterical. There is a good deal of pseudoscience in many of the proclamations made about global warming. And there are, Iím afraid, some people around who have vested interests when they talk about the need to spend money on this or that. A lot of people have become very rich as a result of the climate change nonsense. If Greta can find the time to master some of the facts she will be able to speak about the climate with more authority if she grows up in a few yearsí time. (The idea that someone thought this exhibitionistic child deserved a Nobel Prize is laughable.)

Finally, she needs to remember that too much talking produces a lot of hot air.

And that isnít good for the climate.

Happy Christmas, Greta.

I hope Santa brings her some nice dollies for Christmas.

Might I suggest she spends more time playing with them.

And less time pontificating about things she doesnít understand.

Oh, and by the way, have you noticed that all the silly children who were demonstrating and holding up traffic last summer have gone curiously quiet now that winter is here and its cold and wet outside.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2019

Greta and her supporters should read `A Bigger Problem than Climate Changeí. By Vernon Coleman and available on Amazon.