Horror Story from Germany

Vernon Coleman

A friend who lives in Germany (largely because she is German) tells us that teachers there now assess parents by examining their children.

If a child is neatly dressed (with, for example, nice neatly combed hair, with braids or pigtails if appropriate) and is polite (saying please and thank you at appropriate moments) the teachers report to the authorities that the parents are likely to be right wing extremists – and possibly Nazis.

Is this happening elsewhere in the EU?

The EU wants to crush the middle classes because the eurocrats know that these are people who think for themselves, who tend to be patriotic and who don’t like being pushed around and told what to do.

Identifying such people is an essential step towards crushing them.

Although the EU is clearly a fascist organisation it is important to remember that fascism and socialism are, in practice, identical.

And the real name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party.

Remember too that Merkel, the woman who encouraged millions of Muslim immigrants to pour into Germany, thereby disrupting life in an unprecedented way, was brought up in East Germany and served in an East German Government.

And it is no accident that Facebook (now advised by that arch EU lover and former EU employee Clegg) is banning far right groups and nationalists – but not banning far left groups.

As British electors have already seen, the EU is the greatest ever threat to democracy and freedom.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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