Thoughtless Hospital Staff

Dr Vernon Coleman

A friend’s father has been in hospital for a few days with pneumonia. The treatment he received seems to have been excellent – with one exception.

The poor man reports that he could not sleep at night because of all the noise being made by thoughtless, uncaring, disrespectful, unprofessional hospital staff.

He was utterly exhausted by his inability to sleep through the noise made by talking and laughing nurses.

In olden days, nurses and doctors would whisper and tip toe around wards at night. Telephones were switched to show a small light rather than to ring. And any lights on the nurses’ desk or in the office were dimmed. Even when dealing with emergencies the staff would whisper and make as little noise as possible.

What the hell has happened?

Doesn’t anyone bother to teach nurses how to behave?

Actually, come to think of it, these aren’t things which should need to be taught.

Patients in hospital desperately need to sleep whenever they can. Sleep is part of the healing and mending process.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that shouldn’t be working in a hospital.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021