Hotels Are A Common Source of Colds (And Other Infections)

Vernon Coleman

Hotels are a common source of infection. A new study has found viruses on television remote controls, light switches and hotel pens after cold-sufferers checked out.

When researchers checked 10 items which had been touched by people with lab confirmed rhinovirus colds they found that a third of the items were contaiminated with the virus. The virus was found on 7 out of 14 door handles and 6 out of 14 pens. Six out of 15 light switches were infected as were 5 out of 15 phones. Also harbouring viruses were taps and coffee making machines.

To reduce your risk of contracting an infection this way get out of the habit of touching your eyes with your fingers. That's how colds and other viruses are often transmitted. And wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2007