How the BBC Tried To Spin the Result of the EU Vote

Vernon Coleman

It was clear to any sensible person that pro-Brexit voters won the European elections in the UK.

If you add together the seats won by the Brexit Party and UKIP (both purely pro-Brexit parties) they far exceed the seats won by the Liberal Democrats, Change UK and the Greens (most of whose voters I assume to be neo-Nazi electors who support Hitler’s EU legacy). The Brexit Party won 28 seats. The three anti-Brexit parties won 22 seats. I think most people outside the BBC would agree that 28 is a bigger number than 22.

But, on their website, the BBC got round what they clearly regarded as a disaster by adding all the SNP and Plaid Cymru votes to the anti-Brexit vote and claiming that this proved that anti-Brexit parties won the election! Naturally, the BBC ignored the English Democrats and the votes won by the few brave independent candidates.

What nonsense! Goebbels would have been pleased.

Neither the BBC nor anyone else knows that all Scottish and Welsh nationalists are anti-Brexit. Many nationalists voted for their home country party out of a sense of patriotism.

And, of course, the Brexit views of those voted Labour or Conservative are not known. Technically, the Conservative Party is a pro-Brexit party and its votes should be added to the pro-Brexit total. (No one, not even the leadership, seems to know what the Labour Party policy on Brexit might be.)

So, whether the BBC likes it or not, the purely pro-Brexit parties clearly won the EU elections in the UK.

But I am not surprised that the neo-Nazi BBC has obeyed its masters in Brussels and drawn a false conclusion in an attempt to downplay the election result.

When we leave the EU the eurocrats will probably stop giving money to the BBC – and that is a prospect which doubtless terrifies the BBC bosses who will have to rely on gouging ever more astronomical fees from unwilling licence fee payers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019