How to Starve and Freeze to Death

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Every month the Government pays me £365.03 before tax.

That is my old age pension.

It works out at £91.26 per week.

Out of this, I am supposed to house, feed and clothe myself. Whatever is left over, I am allowed to fritter away on luxuries.

The British OAP receives a smaller pension than the OAPs anywhere else.

To obtain this munificent sum, I paid over 40 years of tax and self-employed national insurance payments. I canít begin to think how much I paid in. But I can guarantee that if I had kept my national insurance payments and invested them myself, I would be receiving more than £91.26 a week.

Thanks to the Bank of England, my savings earn interest at around 1% before tax.

And now there is talk that I, together with all other pensioners, will have to carry on paying National Insurance payments until I am no more.


Apparently it will be done to satisfy the whingeing snowflake generation Ė who seem to feel that they are being hard done by and that pensioners are having it easy at their expense.

Ho fucking ho ho.

Itís no wonder that tens of thousands of British OAPs starve or freeze to death every year.

Makes you proud, donít it?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

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