How We Spoilt Germany After the Second World War

Vernon Coleman

Germany is a new country. It only came into existence in 1871.

Since then Germany has started two World Wars and tried to take over Europe.

Despite this the British have always been very kind to the Germans.

The Jerries are, after all, the new kids in Europe. And they’re an unsophisticated people. They wear leather shorts and laugh at banana skin humour. They enjoy bottom jokes, have no fashion sense and like oompah bands.

Although it had been defeated in the Second World War (as it had in the First World War), Germany was so well looked after by the Allies that food rationing ended there in 1950.

In Britain, supposedly the victor, food rationing continued for another four years.

Food was supplied to Germany at the expense of British and American taxpayers. ‘We have so much rye for brown bread that we don’t know what to do with it,’ said Professor Wilhelm Niklas, the West German Food Minister.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Britain won the War but had food rationing for four years longer than Germany – the vanquished.

And now the Germans have created the European Union to enable them to conquer the whole of Europe.

And treacherous MPs, civil servants and celebrities are helping them!

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

The information on rationing is taken from Indisputable Evidence Proving the EU was Created by Nazis by Jack King.