'The person most likely to kill you is not a relative or a friend, or a mugger or a burglar or a drunken driver. The person most likely to kill you is your doctor. This book will show you how to look after yourself and to protect yourself from this serious threat to your life and good health.'

'The man (Vernon Coleman) is a national treasure' - What Doctors Don't Tell You

Dear Reader,

I recently had to visit an aunt in hospital. I was horrified to discover she was there because her GP had made a mistake with her medication. Then I got talking to the patient in the next bed. It turned out that she was in hospital because she'd had a bad reaction to a new drug her doctor had tested on her. When I expressed surprise my aunt told me five patients in her ward were only there because their treatment had gone wrong. There were just 21 beds in the ward! At the time I thought all this was just an unfortunate coincidence. Then I was given a copy of a new edition of How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You by Dr Vernon Coleman. As Dr Coleman points out in his book: 'The person most likely to kill you is not a burglar, a mugger, a deranged relative or a drunken driver. The person most likely to kill you is your doctor.'

Doctors Are Officially Big Killers - Alongside Heart Disease And Cancer
One in six patients who are currently in hospital are there because they have been made ill by a doctor. Two out of five patients who are given a prescription drug will suffer uncomfortable side effects. Scary facts. But true. And they're just the tip of the iceberg. It's perhaps not surprising that doctors are now distrusted almost as much as lawyers (and it doesn't get much worse than that).
         You probably already know that doctors and hospitals are now a major cause of illness. But did you know that doctors are officially one of the Big Three Killers? Up there alongside Cancer and Heart Disease?
         Finding out about this epidemic of illness isn't easy, of course.

Who Can You Trust?
The newspapers are constantly full of confusing and conflicting health stories. Some doctors say one thing. Some another. Too many doctors are now in the pay of the drug companies - they tell you what their drug industry bosses tell them to say. The medical establishment make many claims and many boasts. Who can you trust to tell you the real truth?
         Sadly, you can't trust the papers and you can't trust television or radio. Too many journalists have either been 'bought' or are too poorly informed to discover the real truth. Too many health correspondents simply print what they're told to print.
        For over a quarter of a century, Dr Vernon Coleman has been the world's foremost critic of the big drug companies. And he has few friends in the medical establishment. Since the early 1970s: he has earned an unmatched reputation for telling the truth - and putting patients first. His books, articles, columns and broadcasts have provided patients with life-saving facts about doctors and drugs. Books such as The Medicine Men, Paper Doctors, The Health Scandal and Betrayal of Trust have for years been standard reference works among those who question the integrity and competence of the medical establishment.
        Scores of his warnings and predictions (derided at the time) have been proved right.

'The revered guru of medicine' - Nursing Times

        A Few years ago, Vernon Coleman wrote a book called, How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You which confirmed his position as 'the patient's champion'. How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You has proved popular around the world (a Chinese edition was published a few months ago) and now Dr Coleman has just completed a revised, updated and expanded edition. In this brand new edition of How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You, you'll discover many truths about how you can protect the health of you and your loved ones. This book isn't a book you can afford to be without.

'Perhaps the best known health writer for the general public in the world today' - The Therapist

Here's just a sample of the potentially life-saving information you'll find in this brand new edition of How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You.

Tests and investigations - are they safe?
Did you know that at least two thirds of all the tests and investigations ordered by hospital doctors and family doctors are unnecessary? Discover the shocking truth about why unnecessary tests are ordered. And learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones for the future.

Is your doctor trying out a new drug on you?
Every week thousands of patients are used - often unwittingly - in medical experiments. Doctors in general practice and in hospitals can make huge personal bonuses by testing new drugs for pharmaceutical companies. But patients are often put at risk unnecessarily. Dr Coleman explains what you should look for to find out if your doctor is trying out a new drug on you.

Questions to ask before taking a prescribed drug
You will improve your chances of benefiting from a drug - and also minimise the risk of problems - if you know what to expect. How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You Contains vital questions you should ask your doctor before taking any prescribed drug.

Don't let your doctor label you
Read the startling truth why some doctors are keen to label patients. And read what happens when patients are labelled.

How to survive in hospital
An invaluable source of information which will help to protect you and your loved ones if you or they should ever need to go into hospital.

'He's the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equalizer rolled into one' - Glasgow Evening Times

'Britain's leading health care campaigner' - The Sun

How to protect yourself against bugs
Infectious diseases are now, once again, a major threat to your health - and your family's health. Discover why infectious diseases are back, and what you can do to help protect yourself and your family.

Conquer heart disease without pills or surgery
Yes, it is true - you really can conquer heart disease without pills or surgery! The reason why this isn't common knowledge is because it isn't commercially profitable. By making some fundamental lifestyle changes, explained in Dr Coleman's book, heart disease can be avoided and conquered.

Learn to control pain without your doctor
Alternative methods of dealing with pain that really work!

Be careful when buying medicines over the counter
Discover why you could be putting your life in danger when buying over-the-counter medicines.

Simple tips to help you manipulate your doctor
How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You will show you how you can be in charge of the consultation with your doctor. This will enable you to be in a much safer position from which to seek advice.

Root-filled teeth may be a time bomb
Do you have root-filled teeth? If so - beware! They may be a time bomb - waiting to go off at some unknown time in the future.

'No thinking person can ignore him. This is why he has been for over 20 years one of the world's leading advocates on human and animal rights. Long may it continue!' - The Ecologist

'A godsend' - Daily Telegraph

"What I would do if doctors told me I had cancer"
For this chapter alone, I believe everyone should have a copy of, How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You. Dr Coleman gives an in-depth account of what he would do if doctors told him that he had cancer. Now that cancer affects as many as one in two of us, it is only sensible to be prepared. Think of this book as your weapon against the 'c' word that most of us dread hearing one day.

The breast cancer scandals
The truth behind the scandals, but be warned - this will shock you!

How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You also contains:
Don't Let Your Doctor Bully You - (Page 53), How Will Your Drug Affect You? - (Page 65), The Real Cause Of Cancer - And The Solution - (Page 67), Are you Taking Too Many Antibiotics? - (Page 89), How Safe Are Repeat Prescriptions? - (Page 93), Watch Out For Side Effects - (Page 101), Should You Get A Second Opinion - (Page 108), Is Your Doctor Really Qualified? - (Page 111), Don't Let Your Doctor Condemn You To Death - (Page 112), Why Mental Health Care Isn't Always Worth Having - (Page 114), Learn To Listen To Your Body - (Page 131), Learn To Control Pain Without Your Doctor - (Page 134), How To Get The Best Out Of Your Doctor - (Page 140), Learn When To Use Alternative Medicine - (Page 142), Improve Your Health Simply By Changing Your Diet - (Page146), How To Cut Your Cancer Risk By 80 Per Cent - (Page 149), Never Eat Another Meal And Stay Slim And Healthy For Life - (Page 150), Stay Healthy By Hugging, Kissing And Cuddling - (Page 152), In Nine Out Of Ten Illnesses Your Body Will Heal Itself - (Page 154), How To Live To Be 100 - (Page 157), Make Your Voice Heard - You'll Feel Better - (Page 164), Ritalin: Child Abuse On Prescription - (Page 170), Water, Water Everywhere - And Not A Fit To Drink - (Page 179), Understand Your Doctor - (Page 211), Don't Be Tricked Into Taking Pills You Don't Want - (Page 212), The Dangers Of Too Many X-rays - (Page 214), Benzodiazepine Tranquillisers - Facts Every Patient Should Know - (Page 218), Lowering Blood Cholesterol - (Page 226), Ten Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Doctor - (Page 230), Questions To Ask Your Surgeon - (Page 235), How To Read Your Prescription - (Page 237), How To Get The Best Out Of Your Doctor - (Page 238).

I am so certain this book will help you that - as always - I will give you your money back if you are unhappy with it. No questions asked! You can order your book by visiting our online bookshop.

Yours sincerely,

Donna Davidson

P.S. Remember, even though you may trust your own doctor, he or she is unlikely to be the only doctor you ever need. If you have faith in one doctor that is wonderful - take great care of him or her! But if you need specialist or hospital treatment you will inevitably come into contact with many other doctors. 'How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You' contains life-saving information.

'The patient's champion' - Birmingham Post