Hypocrisy Rules

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. On 13th August 2021, the Daily Telegraph ran a headline that said: `Publishers ought to be protecting free speech, not censoring ití. I actually laughed out loud. The Daily Telegraph, like the rest of the mainstream media has pretty effectively suppressed those trying to speak the truth about covid-19 and the covid jabs.

2. The Norwegian Government is very active in drawing attention to the threat of climate change. But it remains one of the worldís largest exporters of oil and gas and recently decided to expand exploration into the Arctic Circle. The global warming hoax is a nonsense, of course, but hypocrisy is always nauseating.

3. An oil services company called Innovex ordered 400 jackets from a company called North Face. Innovex wanted its logo on the jackets. North Face refused to accept the order because it didnít want to be associated with an oil industry company. (Heaven forbid!) Innovex pointed out that most of the products sold by North Face are made at least in part from hydrocarbons and that without oil and gas there would be no mountain climbing, kayaking or skiing (the activities favoured by many North Face consumers).

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021

Vernon Colemanís first book about covid-19 is called Coming Apocalypse. Published in April 2020 it contains a summary of Vernonís original videos and articles from the early spring of 2020, together with his view of what was likely to happen next. It is fascinating and informative to look back and see how the hoax developed Ė and how accurate Vernonís predictions were.