If Boris Wins…

Vernon Coleman

If Boris and the Tories win the election, the spoilt EU lovers (who seem to find being on the losing side of anything quite unacceptable) will doubtless want the election rerun and rerun again until they get their own way.

I predict there will be strikes and demos led by the disappointed but woefully ignorant snowflakes who believe they are always entitled to get their own way.

The woman who leads the Illiberal Undemocrats (and who reckons her vote is worth more than 17.4 million ordinary citizens) will doubtless join up with the Greedy Party to demand a Second Election Vote. And they will still want a Referendum on whether we should leave the EU. Oh, and a vote on whether Scotland should leave home. Plus, no doubt, a vote to decide who won the Grand National last year and to decide the winner of the 2019 FA Cup.

Barking all of them.

We should bring back transportation and send the lot of them somewhere foreign.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

The EU supporters need to be educated. Persuade them to read my book OFPIS. Or buy them a paperback copy for Christmas. I am confident that, if they read it, the ones with brains will lose their enthusiasm for the EU – unless they are Nazis, of course.