Vernon Coleman

Manu Macron, the self-styled new Emperor of France is toxic and has to go.

Heís a banker with rich pals and he is completely out of touch with the people. But that isnít why he has to go.

He has to go because he wants France to disappear into a United States of Europe.

(Guess who he thinks would make a first President of the USE.)

And the French donít want their country to disappear.

They didnít want to swap the franc for the euro. Even that was a step too far.

And now they see France becoming little more than a subsidiary of Germany. They have, rather belatedly, twigged that the EU exists to promote a Europe controlled by Germany.

So Macron, the ultimate Europhile, has to go. And if he cares for France he will resign.

Or the burning of Paris will continue.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019